20 Inch White Glow Stick Necklaces - Pack of 50
20 Inch White Glow Stick Necklaces - Pack of 50

As low as $

(50 Glow Necklaces Per Pack)

    22 Inch Premium Jumbo White Glow Sticks Necklaces
    22 Inch Premium Jumbo White Glow Sticks Necklaces

    As low as $

    (50 Necklaces Per Pack)

      22 Inch Twister White Glow Sticks Necklaces - Pack of 25
      22 Inch Twister White Glow Sticks Necklaces - Pack of 25

      As low as $

      (25 Glow Necklaces Per Pack)


        White glow necklaces are a type of necklace that emit a white light. They are made with a flexible plastic tube that contains a phosphorescent material that glows in the dark after being exposed to light. The necklaces are typically activated by cracking the tube to mix the two chemicals inside, which creates a reaction that emits light. White glow necklaces are commonly used for nighttime visibility and safety, party favors, festivals and concerts, sports events, and as emergency lighting. You can check out most asked questions about glow necklaces.

        Unique Features Of White Glow Stick Necklaces

        Easy To Activate And Assemble

        The white glow sticks can be assembled using a connector to turn into a glow necklace within seconds. The glow sticks can easily be activated by snapping and shaking. So many glow products can be made using light sticks. You can more explore FAQ of glow in the dark necklace.

        Light Weight

        The white glow stick necklaces are light in weight and can be worn with other colored necklaces in layers. They can easily be packed in packs in a bag as they are stackable. All party supplies made out of glow sticks and foam sticks are light in weight.

        Long Lasting & Disposable

        The glow necklaces illuminate for 4 to 6 hours after activation before fading away slowly. You can use these for a glow party, music concert, carnival, camping, night sports and more. After use, you can put them in a trash bin to dispose of them.

        Multiple Size Options & Pack Sizes

        The glow necklaces are available in 20” and 22” size options and pack sizes of 1, 10 and 50. You can buy a big pack and use them for so many different occasions throughout the year. White colored glow stick necklaces and glow bracelets can be used for mardi gras, halloween, rave parties, new year, valentine’s day and more. You can even buy simple glow sticks to make wands, batons, wigs, headwear, lanyards, tableware, wristbands and more. You can explore Glow Stick Accessories Traits.

        Safe For Kids

        Unlike other light up products, the glow necklaces do not heat up and are non toxic. All the glow novelties are high in quality and safe for kids. However, toddlers must be allowed to use them only under adult supervision due to choking hazards.


        We offer tiered pricing, so buying a bigger pack size would mean paying less for each item. These bright glow necklaces are affordable and the purchase does not dig a hole in your pocket. Avail special offers to pay the lowest possible price for each order that you place with us. Apply coupon codes at the checkout page in order to avail the best price for best sellers. Check out All About Glow In The Dark Necklace.

        4 Ways To Use White Glow Necklaces

        4th of July

        The white glow necklaces can be used in combination with red and blue ones for any patriotic event especially 4th of July. The tri-color glow necklaces have a long shelf life so they can be used as glow in the dark party supplies throughout the year.

        Birthday Party

        The glow wands and necklaces can be used for a kid’s birthday party. You can buy glow and led light up products as per the theme of the party.

        Christmas Party

        Red, green and white glow stick necklaces can easily be worn to a Christmas party. Buy high qty and multicolor necklaces to use throughout the year for various occasions and parties during the holidays.

        Theme Party

        A 20 and 22 inch glow necklace can be used for a theme party. You can buy multiple skus and explore various items other than the white and blue glow necklaces. Dive into the world of glow jewelry with us!