20 Inch Purple Glow Stick Necklaces - Pack of 50
20 Inch Purple Glow Stick Necklaces - Pack of 50

As low as $

(50 Glow Necklaces Per Pack)

    22" Supreme Purple Glow Stick Necklace - Pack of 50 Necklaces
    22" Supreme Purple Glow Stick Necklace - Pack of 50 Necklaces

    As low as $

      22 Inch Twister Purple Glow Sticks Necklaces - Pack of 25
      22 Inch Twister Purple Glow Sticks Necklaces - Pack of 25

      As low as $

      (25 Glow Necklaces Per Pack)


        Purple glow necklaces are necklaces that emit a purple light and are often made of a plastic material that is designed to glow in the dark. They are often used for events such as concerts, parties, and nighttime activities, and are popular due to their bright color and ability to create a festive atmosphere. Purple glow necklaces illuminate brightly, have a long lasting glow, are easy to use, versatile, cost effective and eco-friendly. You can check out most asked questions about glow necklaces.

        Unique Features For Purple Glow Stick Necklaces

        Easy To Activate And Assemble

        Simply bend the glow sticks to break the inner vial in order to release the components in the outer casing. Now shake it nicely to mix the ingredients in order to start the chemical reaction. Use connectors to join the open ends after adjusting the glow stick in the user’s neck. You can more explore FAQ of glow in the dark necklace.

        Light Weight

        It is important that you wear light weight accessories if you wish to enjoy a glow party for hours. The glow necklaces let you enjoy a mardi gras parade, halloween event, birthday party, new year’s eve and more without being heavy. Jumbo and mini glow sticks are used to make a variety of designs of premium glow necklaces which are long lasting.

        Long Lasting & Disposable

        Make glow sticks bulk purchases as they have a long shelf life and glow life. The purple glow is one of the brightest along with green glow and blue glow sticks. The light sticks can be stored wrapped in foil and can be disposed off easily after use.

        Multiple Size Options & Pack Sizes

        Buy bulk qty as there are multiple skus for purple glow necklaces and other glow products. The necklaces are available in 20” and 22” size options which are available in convenient pack sizes and added discounts which you can avail at the checkout page. Buy party packs to avail the best price for one of the best costume accessories. You can explore Glow Stick Accessories Traits.

        Safe For Kids

        The party favors and accessories made from glow sticks are absolutely safe for kids as they do not heat up or contain any toxic elements. However, the glow sticks must be used and worn by toddlers under adult supervision. Pair these necklaces with glow bracelets, lanyards, eyeglasses, batons, wristbands, wands, headwear. All these accessories are non-flammable, non toxic and are available on special offers which reduces the total price.


        The purple glow sticks are affordable and come in convenient pack sizes so you can buy party packs with high qty. Use coupon codes at the checkout page to avail the best possible price for the purple glow necklaces. Check out All About Glow In The Dark Necklace.

        4 Ways To Use Purple Glow Necklaces

        Mardi Gras

        Purple beaded necklaces are available for mardi gras which absorb energy from bright sunlight in order to illuminate in the dark. You can wear single or multiple beaded necklaces at once. Green glow stick necklaces can also be used for mardi gras parades.


        Buy party packs of glowing necklaces, charms which have ghosts and other spooky items. They can be used as party favors as well as trick or treat favors and glow in the dark party supplies.

        Night Sports

        Buy multiple pcs which are in stock with same day delivery to be used for night sports. You can wear these to be visible from a distance in a dark place. Combine these with other light up items in assorted colors which have a bright glow.

        Theme Party

        Fill your wishlist with multicolor novelties, tableware, barware and other items. All of these can be used for a glow theme party along with purple glow necklaces. Dive into the world of glow jewelry with us!