22 Inch Premium Jumbo Aqua Glow Sticks Necklaces
22 Inch Premium Jumbo Aqua Glow Sticks Necklaces

As low as $

(50 Necklaces Per Pack)

    20 Inch Aqua Glow Stick Necklaces - Pack of 50
    20 Inch Aqua Glow Stick Necklaces - Pack of 50

    As low as $

    (50 Glow Necklaces Per Pack)

      22 Inch Twister Aqua Glow Sticks Necklaces - Pack of 25
      22 Inch Twister Aqua Glow Sticks Necklaces - Pack of 25

      As low as $

      (25 Glow Necklaces Per Pack)


        Aqua glow necklaces help in creating a festive and playful atmosphere at events, parties, and nighttime activities. The bright, eye-catching color of the aqua light adds a pop of color and a touch of fun to any occasion. Overall, the significance of aqua glow necklaces lies in their ability to add fun and light to a variety of situations, making them a popular choice for events and activities that take place in the dark or low light. You can check out most asked questions about glow necklaces.

        Unique Features Of Aqua Glow Stick Necklaces

        Easy To Activate And Assemble

        The LED light sticks light up with the press of a button however the glow ones need to be activated by bending and breaking the inner vial in order to release the components before shaking the glow sticks to be used as necklaces for glow in the dark party. Connectors are used to make necklaces from the glow sticks. You can more explore FAQ of glow in the dark necklace.

        Light Weight

        The glow sticks are light in weight and can be bought in bulk as aqua glow sticks make for best party novelties and are used to make so many DIY items. You can put multiple premium glow sticks of single or assorted colors/multicolor as they do not feel heavy on the neck. Some people even wear tri-color ones for various purposes.

        Long Lasting & Disposable

        Glow products glow for hours after activation and they even have long shelf life if stored properly in a foil. After use, when the glow fades away, you can dispose them off easily without any hassle. They do not need any blacklight to illuminate.

        Multiple Size Options & Pack Sizes

        Buy glow necklaces in 20” and 22” size for a birthday party, halloween event, mardi gras, new year’s eve, Christmas and more. You can buy foam sticks and use connectors to make any kind of accessory like wands, batons, headwear, eyeglasses, bunny ears, wristbands and more. You can explore Glow Stick Accessories Traits.

        Safe For Kids

        Make aqua necklaces a permanent item in your wish list and buy multiple skus in high gty as they are safe for kids and can be used in multiple ways. They make for the best glow in the dark party supplies and blue glow stick necklaces are eye catching and aesthetically pleasing. You can combine these with other colors like blue, white and green glow sticks. These 20 inch glow stick necklaces can be used for halloween party, raves, theme parties and more.


        The aqua glow sticks are affordable and come in convenient pack sizes so you can buy party packs with high qty. Use coupon codes at the checkout page to avail the best possible price for these glow necklaces. Check out All About Glow In The Dark Necklace.

        3 Ways To Use Blue Glow Necklaces

        Glow Party

        Buy multiple pieces of aqua glow stick necklaces which can be used together or in layers for a glow party. The glow necklaces in assorted color would add a beautiful element to the glow party.

        Night Sports

        The aqua glow stick necklaces can be used to divide teams during night sports events and other glow in the dark sports tournaments.

        Birthday Party

        Use glow stick necklaces as birthday party favors and other return favors along with glow stick bracelets for any kind of party or occasion. Dive into the world of glow jewelry with us!