22 Inch Premium Jumbo Orange Glow Sticks Necklaces
22 Inch Premium Jumbo Orange Glow Sticks Necklaces

As low as $

(50 Necklaces Per Pack)

    Pumpkin Character Glow Necklaces
    Pumpkin Character Glow Necklaces

    As low as $

    (12 Per Pack)

      20 Inch Orange Glow Stick Necklaces - Pack of 50
      20 Inch Orange Glow Stick Necklaces - Pack of 50

      As low as $

      (50 Glow Necklaces Per Pack)

        22 Inch Twister Orange Glow Sticks Necklaces - Pack of 25
        22 Inch Twister Orange Glow Sticks Necklaces - Pack of 25

        As low as $

        (25 Glow Necklaces Per Pack)


          Orange glow necklaces are necklaces that emit a bright orange light in the dark. They are made of a plastic material that is designed to glow when activated by light. Orange glow necklaces are commonly used as decorations or accessories at events, parties, and nighttime activities, where they add a touch of fun and light to the occasion. They are also practical, as they can improve visibility and safety in low-light conditions. Orange glow necklaces are easy to activate, require no batteries or charging, and are relatively inexpensive, making them an attractive and practical choice for a variety of applications. You can check out most asked questions about glow necklaces.

          Unique Features of Orange Glow Stick Necklaces

          Easy To Activate And Assemble

          Simply hold the glow sticks in both hands and bend it from the middle in order to break the inner vial and release the components inside. Shake the glow stick in order to mix the components and start the glow. Bright orange glow gets activated after mixing the ingredients thoroughly. You can more explore FAQ of glow in the dark necklace.

          Light Weight

          Like all other glow products, the orange glow stick necklaces are light in weight and can be worn for hours in one go. The glow sticks can be easily stacked together in a bag and can be carried in bundles. Buy these in assorted colors and use these as glow in the dark party supplies and party decorations for halloween, mardi gras, fundraising and more.

          Long Lasting & Disposable

          The orange glow sticks last for hours once they are activated thus they can be used for long events. They are high quality and the long lasting features makes it convenient for the user to use them. Moreover, they can easily be disposed off after use as they are non toxic and leak proof. Simply remove the connectors and put the light sticks or glow sticks in the trash bin.

          Multiple Size Options & Pack Sizes

          The glow products like batons, necklaces, bracelets and more come in a variety of sizes and designs. You can choose from them as per your liking and requirement. The glow necklaces are available in 20” and 22” sizes which can be used by kids as well as adults. You can explore Glow Stick Accessories Traits.

          Safe For Kids

          All glow products made from glow sticks like eyeglasses, lanyards, glow bracelets, headwear, tableware and more are safe to be used by kids. They are non-flammable, have a long shelf life and are non-toxic. The party favors and novelties can be bought in bulk to reduce the total price.


          Orange glow stick necklaces make a wonderful accessory for glow party as they are affordable and long lasting. The glow sticks can be used to make so many DIY items so you can buy them in bulk by applying coupon code at the checkout page to get the best price for all skus. Check out All About Glow In The Dark Necklace

          4 Ways To Use Orange Glow Necklaces


          Orange glow stick necklaces, tiaras and wands can be used for a bachelorette party. They can even be distributed among the bridesmaids as party favors.

          Halloween Party

          The orange glow stick necklaces can easily be worn to bring in the spooky vibe for Halloween as it does not require any blacklight. They do not require any batteries to light up so they can be activated just before midnight.

          Birthday Party

          If you are throwing a princess theme birthday party for your little girl then these orange glow stick necklaces can come in handy as party favors. Buy the 20 or 22 inch glow necklaces in large qty to use them however you like.

          Rave Party & Theme Party

          Avail same day delivery for the glow necklaces in stock to be used for rave parties or any other theme party. Dive into the world of glow jewelry with us!