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Glow In The Dark Necklaces - FAQ 101!

Glow In The Dark Necklaces - FAQ 101!

Are you aware of the most widely used and versatile glow in the dark accessory? Well, this article would give you a sneak peek into the vast world and variety of Glow In The Dark Necklaces. The necklaces come in all different types of colors and designs which cater to a lot of occasions and special events. You can choose from the designs as per your liking and buy the pack sizes as per the number of users.


Glow sticks in general are very fascinating for kids as well as adults. They can easily be given to babies as they can play with them without any hassle. They can be converted into any shape using connectors. The more you buy, the less price you will have to pay for the glow stick necklaces. They glow beautifully in the dark and can be activated on the spot within a second.


Glow In The Dark Necklaces - FAQ 101


What is the working mechanism of glow stick necklaces?

Glow Sticks have dye and certain components in its outer and inner glass vial. They are highly flexible and can be used to make a circle, square, oval, hexagon or any other shape of your choice. You need to activate the glow of the sticks for them to work before assembling into a glow necklace.

Tri-Color Glow Stick Necklaces


How do you light up a glow stick necklace?

The Glow Stick Necklaces can be illuminated simply by bending the glow stick to break the inner vial in order to mix the chemicals within the stick for activation of glow. The glow stick is then shaken thoroughly and can be joined in the shape of a necklace using a connector. These necklaces come with flower and other charms which are either worn as a pendant in the glow sticks or are wreathed around it. They make for amazing party favors along with matching glow bracelets.

How long do glow necklaces illuminate?

Glow necklaces come in all different shapes and widths. The illumination of the necklaces lasts for 4 to 6 hours at normal room temperature. However, with time the brightness starts to fade away as the effect of the chemical reaction weakens. You can also increase the glow duration of these glow products which come in multicolor and single color options. Simply keep it or use it in a low temperature environment, the intensity of the brightness would decrease and this becomes one of the long lasting party supplies. The longevity also depends upon size as a 10 inch glow stick would glow longer than a 5 inch one.

What are the color options for glow in the dark necklaces?

The glow stick bracelets come in assorted color pack sizes as well as single color pack sizes. The light sticks can be bought in party packs which come at discounted prices at the checkout page. These novelties are available at special offers in red, green, blue, aqua, yellow, orange, white and other exciting shades.


Glow Necklaces


How can a glow necklace last longer?

Low temperatures can make a glow stick last longer as it slows down the chemical reaction. You cannot stop the chemical reaction completely once the premium glow necklaces are activated and assembled. These can be used for neon parties as glow in the dark party supplies and as light up toys for kids. The neon glow is beautiful in appearance and aesthetics.

Where can you use glow necklaces?

You can use one of the best sellers in Glow Necklaces, bracelets, lanyards, batons, foam sticks, eyeglasses, wands and other glow products for Halloween party, new year, Christmas, 4th of july, thanksgiving, rave parties, mardi gras, birthday party and more.

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