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Glow In The Dark Cups - Facts 101!

Glow In The Dark Cups - Facts 101!

Throwing a party is no joke and can become a pretty daunting task if you do not have the right resources. Arranging for handy and disposable drinkware cuts down the hassle to a great extent. You can get your hands on high quality Glow Drinkware & Barware online with unique and aesthetically appealing features and designs. If you wish to try something unique in your next booze session with your friends then try these glow in the dark cups.   


Glow In The Dark Cups - Facts 101!


How Do Glow In The Dark Cups Work?

The main source of light in glow in the dark cups are Glow Sticks. They are used in different designs in order to make the glasses and cups glow in various color shades. Once activated, the cups glow for hours however the glow is one time. There is another variety of cups in which the glow can be reactivated over and over again by exposing the cups to bright day light.  

How Do You Activate The Glow Stick Party Cups?

Simply bend the glow stick to break the inner vial and shake it to mix the components inside. It would start glowing instantly and you would be able to see the glow. After it starts glowing, attach it to the cup with the help of a connector and voila! Your glow in the dark cup is ready.

What Are The Various Designs Of Glow Cups?

There are various designs of glow cups which are available on our website. Every drink has a decided shape of glass in which it is enjoyed and we have a number of designs based on the drinks. 4 of our bestselling glasses are mentioned below:

Martini Glasses

Enjoy your martini in cone shaped glasses which are high in quality and glow brilliantly in blue, green, pink and red color. The capacity of the glass is 9 oz which is perfect for a party. You can use Glow In The Dark Martini Glass for bachelorette, glow theme parties, camping and more.


Glow In The Dark Martini Glasses


Margarita Glasses

Margarita glasses have the shape of an upturned sombrero. The rim is coated with salt and lemon to enjoy the drink in its authentic way. Bend the plastic stem of the glass in order to activate the glow. The Glow In The Dark Margarita Glasses have a 10 oz capacity and are available in red, green and blue color.

Glow In The Dark Margarita Glass


Glow Shot Glasses

The shot glasses need to be squeezed and shaken in order to activate the glow once. They are available in exciting colors of red, blue, green and yellow. With 6 hours glow time and perfect size, these Glow Shot Glasses are apt for outdoor as well as indoor parties.


Glow In The Dark Margarita Glasses

Glow Stick Cups

Enjoy any kind of booze in these Glow Stick Cups which are super easy to assemble and use. These are great for beer, cocktails, mocktails, desserts on the go and more.


Glow Stick Cups



Perks Of Using Plastic Glowing Cups 

There are so many perks of using the plastic glowing cups in comparison to the normal ones. If you have a lot of guests coming over to your place then do not dig a hole in your pocket and invest in expensive drinkware and barware. Instead, throw a glow theme party and buy glow in the dark cups which have the following perks over normal cups. 


  • Zero Maintenance - No Washing Or Drying 
  • Travel Friendly 
  • Light Weight 
  • Safe For Kids 
  • Practical And Economical
  • Suitable For Drinks And Desserts
  • Variety Of Designs 
  • Hygienic And Healthy 

Pay the best price for high quality Glow In The Dark Cups by availing amazing discounts and offers! Happy shopping with us!

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