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6 Amazing Drinking Games To Have A Blast At A Party!

6 Amazing Drinking Games To Have A Blast At A Party!

Drinks have become an imperative part of any party and social gathering. People like to spend a lot of time with their friends and family sipping on their favorite drink. If you are hosting a party in the near future and would like to spice up the party then we suggest you introduce a few drinking games in your party. Games are fun and exciting to play and they also bring everyone together in a party. Plastic boot beer steins can be used to serve beer to the guests. 

The Plastic Beer Boot Cups and barware can be used for a variety of events to play a number of different games. You can buy them in bulk at slashed prices in our limited time flash sale. The more you buy, the lesser price you will pay and the lesser hassle you will have to cater to in your party. The following list contains the list of events where you can use these drinkware like boot beer steins, cowboy boot cup, drinking glasess, and the games which you can play in these events. Explore 6 fun games:


6 Amazing Drinking Games To Have A Blast At A Party!


Truth or Drink

Oktoberfest is incomplete without beer and you can host an amazing oktoberfest theme party at your place where you can use Light Up Cowboy Boot Cup to serve shots to your guests. The combination of a good German music playlist with a great tasting beer would be enough to keep the guests hooked to enjoyment for hours. You can play a game of truth or drink with an empty beer bottle to have fun with your friends.


Light Up Cowboy Boot Cup


Fuzzy Duck

Graduation parties are exciting and you can have fun with your friends who are soon going to be in different cities and states. Make this night a memorable one by playing exciting drinking games like Fuzzy duck. If you wish to play this game then make everyone sit in a circle with their drinks. Each player has to say ‘Fuzzy duck’ to the person sitting to their left one after the other until someone chooses to say ``Does he?”. The person sitting to the right has to respond to ‘does he’ with ‘ducky fuzz’. If he fumbles, he has to drink and he doesn’t fumble then each player has to continue in the opposite direction with ‘ducky fuzz’. The pattern is to be repeated over and over again.


Back to Back

You can make your wedding or your friend’s wedding exciting by playing a ‘Back to Back’ game. Make the bride and groom sit back to back with Personalized Mr And Mrs Glasses in their hands. Ask various questions starting from ‘Who is more likely to…’. The one who is most likely to do it needs to drink from his or her glass. Other guest couples can also be indulged in the game and are likely to have a lot of fun with their partners.  


Personalized Mr And Mrs Glasses


Beer Pong

Beer pong is played with normal cups where a triangle is made using the cups and are half filled with any kind of hard drink. The players are divided into two teams and they have to put a ping pong ball in the glass. If a player manages to land the ball in the glass then a player from the other team has to drink from that glass. It is the most loved game and can be made more fun using the Glow In The Dark Ping Pong Balls and Plastic Boot Beer Steins.


Glow In The Dark Ping Pong Balls & Plastic Boot Beer Steins

Never Have I Ever

This is a fun game and you can buy the cue cards for this game online and have fun with your friends. If you have done the thing that is being asked then you have to take a sip from your glass. This is fun and you get to know a lot about the other people playing in the group. 

Drunk Jenga

Block Party Tower Drinking Game Like Jenga come with instructions on each block. The instruction on the block needs to be followed whoever manages to displace that block. 


Block Party Tower Drinking Game Like Jenga


Choose any of the above mentioned fun drinking games in order to have a blast with your friends at any party or event!

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