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Light Up Drinking Glasses And Glow Bar Supplies!

Light Up Drinking Glasses And Glow Bar Supplies!

Drinking has become an important part of our culture and everyone loves to do so in parties, on weekends and otherwise as well. If you are someone like me who is not just inclined towards drinking but would like to do so in style then you need to have a glow bar at your place.


Unlike expensive hard beverage glasses, the glow ones are made of plastic and they can be bought in a variety of shapes and sizes to create a nice glow bar.


Building a glow bar at your place is actually going to save you a lot of money as the more products you buy, the more discounts you are going to avail on partyglowz websites. You can avail the free shipping option on all the orders above the value of $59.99. On purchase of lesser order value than $59.99, you can avail flat rate shipping which is not available anywhere else on purchase of light up LED drinkware. You do not need to compromise on the quality, variety , design as well as pricing of the wholesale light up barware & drinkware products.    


You can buy the products online without having to go anywhere which is another perk in these uncertain times of pandemic. You can visualize the kind of bar you would like and buy the products accordingly. The light up products are high in quality and if taken care of properly, they can last for a really long time. The Flashing LED Glasses are high in quality and you can buy it along with other light up products to create a perfect bar in any corner of your house. 


Light Up Drinking Glasses And Glow Bar Supplies!


To help you get started, have a look at the following Light Up Barware & drinkware products to set up a unique yet usable bar which you and your friends are going to love!


Beaded Shot Glass Necklace

If you are tired of holding your glass while you are dancing on the floor or having a snack then buy this light up beaded shot glass necklace as you would be able to simply hang your drink around your neck.

The Beaded Shot Glass Necklaces are high in quality, has beads around it which act as a chain to hold the glass. The necklaces with the glasses are available in various bright colors to choose from.


Pilsner Glass With Bubbles

Your beer might not hold the fizz for long but your Light Up Pilsner Glass With Bubbles can always portray it. Buy this and make any drink look fizzy and glory in a matter of seconds. You can make your kids drink their juices in the light up glass which is washable and reusable in nature.


Light Up Pilsner Glass With Bubbles

Light Up Ice Cubes

Well, you cannot enjoy a drink which is not cold so ice is a must have thing if you are having a bar at your place. However, do not resort to having normal ice cubes which melt in a jiffy when you can get your hands on lite cubes. These are reusable Light Up Ice Cubes which are available in so many different colors.


Light Up LED Ice Cubes


LED Flashing Ice Bucket

If you are camping or having an outdoor booze party then you need to have an Light Up Ice Bucket and a glow bar should have a glow ice bucket. The ice bucket lights up with the press of a button and you can put a number of bottles and cans in it to enjoy with your friends and family.


LED Light Up Flashing 5 Lt. Ice Bucket - Multi Color

LED Light Up Cowboy Boot Cup

The Light Up Cowboy Boot Cup is something which you can use for a glow party as well as a ranch party. The led flashing cowboy boot shaped cup is high in quality, has a handle, lights up with the press of a button and can be used to enjoy any kind of beverage. 


LED Light Up Cowboy Boot Cup


Light Up Drink Stirrer

If you are going to enjoy a lot of mocktails with your friends and family then you must have a Light Up Drink Stirrer which is available in so many different colors and shapes. You can buy these as per your liking and put these along with light up LED drinkware to make a nice and private glow bar at your place.

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