Portable UV Light Sterilizer with USB Charging Box, UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

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Brand: Party Glowz

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Product Specification

Product Name Portable UV Light Sterilizer with USB Charging Box, UV Cell Phone Sanitizer
SKU GL0356377PG
Brand Party Glowz
Product Category PPE ESSENTIALS SUPPLIES, UV Sterilizer,

Product Description

  • This UV light cell phone sterilizer is no liquid, heat are used in cell phone cleaners, so it is safe to sanitize anything that will fit inside! UV-C light can get to the dirt that hide in crevices where even can not be reached by cleaning wipes, keeping you and your children away from dirt by sanitizing your phone regularly.
  • Not only does the cell phone sanitizer, but also the portable UV sterilizer works as an aromatherapy diffuser. Put aroma on the aromatherapy inlet, press aromatherapy switch to start having aroma humidifier for your device. It stops automatically after few minutes while aromatherapy is finishing, and your device will smell great. (please note:perfume and aroma are not included)
  • You just need to plug in the charger cable, put your mobile phone or the items you want to sterilize in, then press the start sterilizing button, it will sterilize automatically and run, after 5 minutes it will shut down automatically. Opening the lid automatically cuts off power, so you don't need to worry about potential safety hazards. You just need to remove your phone or other items and unplug it after sterilizing.