Glow In The Dark Shoelaces

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6 Shoelaces Per Pack
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Brand: Partyglowz

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Product Specification

Product Name Glow In The Dark Shoelaces
SKU GL0355591PG
Brand Party Glowz
Product Dimension 39" long
Product Category Glow Accessories
Package Description 6 Shoelaces Per Pack

Product Description

Glow in the dark accessories are amazing and they are capable of giving a makeover to anyone in no time. If you are looking for glow in the dark accessories and products then check out our entire range and buy unique products which you have not seen anywhere else. The products are high in quality and the glow lasts for a long time in one go before fading away. Check out our amazing collection and choose the products which you and your friends are going to love. 
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  • Glow in the dark shoelaces light up in bright neon color which makes your shoes stand out anywhere
  • These can be worn to dance classes, fancy dress, halloween, glow parties, theme parties, night game events and more
  • The glow can be activate by placing these in bright daylight, sunlight or UV light
  • The shoelaces glow bright blue under black light and bright neon green in dark environment
  • The shoelaces are 39" long and are perfect to make any kind of running shoes or sneakers glow for around 30 minutes
  • 6 shoelaces are sold per pack