Glomania 7 Color Set of 1oz Glow in The Dark Paint

Glomania 7 Color Set of 1oz Glow in The Dark Paint

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Brand: Party Glowz

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Product Name Glomania 7 Color Set of 1oz Glow in The Dark Paint
SKU 230003771710
Brand Party Glowz
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Product Description

High grade Daytime "Invisible" ProFX Glow in the Dark Acrylic water-based Paints glow bright in the dark. There are currently 7 colors available in a white base, these are WHITE GLOWS AQUA, WHITE GLOWS BLUE, WHITE GLOWS GREEN, WHITE GLOWS LILAC, WHITE GLOWS RED, WHITE GLOWS WHITE, WHITE GLOWS ORANGE, with more colors to follow. Using a strontium based rare earth element these paints are NON TOXIC, and have the brightest longest glowing times available. Used by professional Cosmic Star Ceiling Artists for highlighting and Star Ceilings. This versatile Glow in the Dark paint is made from the purest product available and has a glow life span of over 10 years. What makes this paint glow brightly is our crystal formation, just like small batteries they charge and discharge their energy. UV rays from Sunlight or even Black Light UV will supercharge this paint, incandescent and LED takes a little longer.

☛ Brand: Glomania
☛ Type: Liquid
☛ Size: 1oz

✔ Thermochromics pigments can be used to highlight a hot item.
✔ Acrylic paints are not recommended for use on skin or hair.
✔ Non-Toxic, Flame Retardant, & Waterproof
✔ The crystals in the paint are white in color and when placed on a white surface become virtually invisible.
✔ For greatest visual effect paint or spray onto a white or off-white surface

✔ Luminous glow in the dark paint
✔ Glows brightly in the dark after exposure to light
✔ For wood, metal, masonry and many other surfaces
✔ low odour and non flammable & Easy to apply
✔ Apply to surfaces only which are dry, clean, sound and free from contaminants
✔ Water based