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8 Things To Know About Glow In The Dark Body Paint!

8 Things To Know About Glow In The Dark Body Paint!

Have you ever been to a glow party where people are dressed in all glowing things? Well, glow parties are trending right now and you can get your hands on the most amazing glow products which are high quality and affordable. However, if you want to have the most fun in a glow party then you must have fun with glow body paint. Glow in the dark body painting is an exciting addition to the glow party games. You do not need to have any special expertise in order to use the paints and you can have fun with these however you like.  


8 Things To Know About Glow In The Dark Body Paint!

How Long Does Glow Body Paint Last?

The glow paints glows for 10 to 12 hours on the body and it can easily be recharged by standing in bright daylight or sunlight. The glow body paint can be recharged and used over and over again. The powered glow body paint needs to be mixed with water in order to make a paste which can be applied on the body.  

How To Apply Body Paint?

You can apply Neon Body Paint with fingers, brushes and with any other tools. These body paints can be applied to any part of the body. The various colors can be used to make a beautiful design which glows in the night.    


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What Is The Difference Between Black Light Paint And Glow In The Dark Body Paint?

The Black Light Paint glows only under black light and not in normal dark places. The Glow Body Paint does not require any special lighting and you would be able to see the glow as you step into a dark place.   


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Do You Need A UV Light For Glow In The Dark Body Paint?

No, the Glow In The Dark Body Paint can be recharged with bright daylight as well. In the absence of daylight, the UV light can be used to recharge the glow paint. The glow in the dark body paint can be recharged with UV light.  


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What Color Is Best For Glow In The Dark Paint?

There are so many colors which are available in the Glow In The Dark Paint however the neon green glows the best and is the most bought color in glow in the dark paint. The color of the glow in the dark paint looks normal in daylight however it only glows when the paint is exposed to darkness. 

Are Glow In The Dark Paints Waterproof?

No, the glow in the dark paints are not waterproof. The glow party paint does not wear off with a slight touch of water but it can be removed just by keeping the painted surface under running water. 


Is Glow Paint Harmful For Skin?

No, the glow paint is nontoxic and thus does not pose any harm to the skin or any surface where the glow in the dark body paint is used. The glow paint comes in a variety of colors and textures. You can buy it in tube, tub or powered format. The glow paint should not be painted near eyes otherwise it is not harmful and is easy to apply as well as remove.  


How Do You Remove Glow Paint?

The glow paint can easily be removed with soap and water. You can easily wipe off the glow paint with a damp cloth as well. It does not leave any stain on the body or the surface where it is used. 



You can have a lot of fun with Glow Paint if used the right way. Friends and family can stay interested for hours painting on each other’s bodies. You can buy them in various format, apply them with various types of tools and remove them very easily. The more you buy the more discounts you are going to avail on every purchase you make. You can enjoy free shipping on all your orders further saving a lot of money with Party Glowz.

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