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Organize An Unmissable Bash With These Oktoberfest Party Ideas!

Organize An Unmissable Bash With These Oktoberfest Party Ideas!

Are you ready for an unforgettable Oktoberfest celebration this year? Well we got you covered with some amazing ideas with games and entertainment to bring life to the party. Bring in the German spirit to the party with bavarian style decor and food. Vivacious decor, tasty food and drinks are a must have in a party. You can use beer and pretzels which are symbolic of Oktoberfest for decoration purposes as well. The Bavarian flag color theme is very important in Oktoberfest Party Supplies as then only the party venue would look like a mini Munich.


In order to organize a successful bash you need to take care of 4 things in particular - decoration, entertainment, food and music.


Organize An Unmissable Bash With These Oktoberfest Party Ideas!

Oktoberfest Party Decorations Ideas

There are so many Oktoberfest Decorations ideas which you can follow easily using the right products. Gold tinsel garland and table cloth make for a classy decor piece. Use tabletop fountain centerpiece, Oktoberfest banners, Mylar Balloons and Oktoberfest Hanging Fans for indoor decors. Yard signs, pennant banners, bunting, Oktoberfest cutouts, streamers and direction boards can be used along with fairy lights for outdoor decor of a biergarten (beer garden). You can even create a light up beer bar using beer steins. German beer steins can also be used as a decor item which can later be used to pour drinks. Oktoberfest Photo Booth Props must also be created so the guests could take amazing pictures.


Oktoberfest Decorations

Oktoberfest Games Ideas 

You can have Oktoberfest beer chugging race among your guests and even organize a beer stein relay race. The guests would be happy to gulp down the beer with soft pretzels when there would be a reward at the end. You can curate your own rules for a dance competition and reward the best dancers. Giant chess and other board games can be used which come in free printable formats online.


Oktoberfest Food Menu

Fun Oktoberfest food options can come from German cuisine. German potato salad, apple strudel, bratwurst and sauerkraut are must haves. You can check out the recipes online and make it on your own or you can order online. Grilled brats and bourbon brat skewers are also pretty popular as a side dish among the guests. You can have other snacks and appetizers for the beer tasting session in an Oktoberfest-themed party. Serve these in Oktoberfest theme plates and cups along with matching napkins.


Oktoberfest theme plates, cups and napkins


Oktoberfest German Music

Keep the German playlist ready with amazing music to set the dance floor on fire. You can organize a couple dance competition or a kids dance competition to engage everyone in the party. Keep some amazing party favors for the winners in order to bring in some competitive spirit among them.


Questions About Oktoberfest

  • How do I plan an Oktoberfest party?

    Keep in mind the above mentioned party ideas and you would surely bring Bavaria anywhere. Along with this, you can ask your guest to dress in lederhosen or dirndl to bring in the spirit to Germany.

  • What is the most popular food at Oktoberfest?

    Pretzels and bratwurst are surely indispensable from a Oktoberfest food menu. You can order these from outside if you do not want to go through the hassle of making these yourself.

  • What are some good Oktoberfest party ideas?

    If you do not want to do much then simply buy beer and put on some German music. You can go for a DIY Oktoberfest costume which can be made by watching a tutorial online.

  • What is the name of the beer that is served at Oktoberfest?

    Paulaner, Hacker-pschorr, Ein Prosit and Spaten are some of the most popular beer names which you would hear in an Oktoberfest biergarten.


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