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How To Honor Loved Ones On The Day of the Dead in Style?

How To Honor Loved Ones On The Day of the Dead in Style?

Absolutely every culture has a memorial day for the dead. However, if we have time for the memories and grief, then the Day of the Dead is one of the most spectacular and fun events in the country. It is an ancient Mexican holiday that is also celebrated on a gigantic scale in the USA. It attracts hundreds of thousands of individuals to the event spot.

They remember all the deceased relatives and pay tribute to them. It is accompanied by street festivities, parades, and lots of entertaining activities. Are you planning to attend the Day of the Dead in 2023? Are you looking for elegant and meaningful ways to honor loved ones and delight everyone? Let’s see some valuable tips that will help you make the event more meaningful.


How To Honor Loved Ones On The Day of the Dead in Style?


1. Decorate The Event Space On the Day of the Dead

Remember, the primary goal of the occasion is to honor the deceased person and celebrate life. Therefore, you must infuse the event with a space with decor elements that can pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of the occasion and let everyone remember the dead individuals. To start with, make sure that there is a vibrant lighting arrangement in the event space. Place beautiful flowers, LED colored flameless candles, and balloons of multiple colors to create a festive atmosphere. Use glow skeleton bones and Day of the Dead decorations to take the decoration of the event space to new heights.

Create a beautiful pathway with marigold petals and set up an altar with deceased photos, candles, and his favorite foods and drinks. Dim the main light to create a warm ambiance.

Cover dining tables with Day of the Dead tablecloth and place skeleton tissue centerpiece to match the event’s theme. Use your creativity to set the tone for the occasion. There are numerous ways to decorate the event space to remember a deceased loved one.


2. Transform Your Appearance

To pay a stylish and respectful tribute to deceased loved ones, you should consider wearing traditional and fancy Mexican costumes. While fashion preferences differ from one person to another, nevertheless, men can wear a black suit with a bright orange or purple tie. Women can prefer any colorful Mexican dress. For a beautiful appearance, they should use Day of the Dead mask, black cowboy hats with light up tiara, LED accessories and glow accessories. Hire a professional makeup artist to incorporate sugar skull face painting into your representation and let you remember the person you are honoring.


3. Host A Candlelit Ceremony

When the night falls, you should host a candlelight ceremony to honor your loved ones, pray for them, and let people know more about the main achievements of their lives. In place of traditional candlelight, think of using LED candles of multiple colors. Place them on the ground in a beautiful pattern, and invite guests to light them simply with a press of a button.

Their beautiful illumination will add a stylish ambiance to the occasion. It will be best if you take interested guests to the graveyard with illuminated LED light up candles, encourage them to spend some time, pray for them, and write their messages on colorful papers for the departed. It will let everyone know the unique qualities of deceased people.


4. Entertain Individuals With Live Music And Dance

Remember that music and dance are integral parts of Mexican culture. Therefore, you must make a plan for posting live music and dance events while observing the occasion’s theme. Invite a professional Mexican music group and urge them to perform live, keeping the event's theme in mind, and entertain individuals. Feel free to invite the audience on stage to express their feelings, sing a favorite song, demonstrate their amazing dancing talent, etc. Artists and the audience must use light up accessories to make the event more thrilling and entertaining.


5. Delight Guests With Traditional Foods & Beverages

You must offer numerous traditional Mexican foods and beverages to delight guests during the event and make them feel happy. Apart from traditional utensils, you should also use beautiful party plates, cutlery, napkins, serveware, drinkware, etc. All these will help organize the occasion on a large scale successfully, ensure guest satisfaction, and let everyone be satisfied. Get all these supplies affordably from PartyGlowz.


6. Organize A Day of the Death Parade

Organizing a parade is an effective way to pay homage to deceased family members and highlight their importance in your life. Inform individuals about your intention in advance, ask them to have funky makeup and costumes, and attend the parade. Include singing and dancing to make the parade more interesting and thrilling. You can use LED glow foam sticks to highlight your procession and encourage more people to join it.


7. Release Balloons In The Sky

You should purchase a sufficient number of balloons in multiple colors from Party Glowz according to the guest's numbers. Inflate them with helium, give one balloon to everyone, and instruct them to release it in the sky at the same time. Make sure each released balloon carries a message or memory for your loved one. It creates a vibrant atmosphere and is a pleasant way to conclude the event.


The Day of the Dead festival is a wonderful holiday that has moved out of Mexico and gone global. On this occasion, you remember loved ones who have passed away and honor them. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can make the event more memorable and vibrant.



When is the Day of The Dead in 2023?

Wed, 1 Nov, 2023 – Thu, 2 Nov, 2023


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