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7 Fun Facts About Mardi Gras You Didn't Know!

7 Fun Facts About Mardi Gras You Didn't Know!

New Orleans is the place for Mardi Gras celebrations in the US and if you ever get the chance to witness it then it is full of celebrations, parties and balls. You would see a colorful crowd walking down the streets, parading wearing masks and costumes in colors like purple, gold and green. Every single thing which you see in Mardi Gras Decoration has a link with its history and goes back a hundred years in time. If you wish to make purchases for mardi gras party favors and decor items then you can do so through the online services from party product suppliers. 


7 Fun Facts About Mardi Gras You Didn't Know!


Before making the purchase for mardi gras themed products like party supplies, face masks, accessories and other decorative pieces, you must be aware of the traditions of the festival and get information regarding the fun facts of Mardi Gras. Explore:


It Is Also Known As Shrove Tuesday

The meaning of the word mardi is Tuesday in french and that of gras is fat in the same language. It is celebrated till shrove tuesday which is a day before the ash wednesday. It is the holiday of feasting before the fasting begins.  


The Celebration Runs For Over A Month

The mardi gras celebration starts 12 days after Christmas and continues upto the shrove tuesday. You can get your hands on the amazing Mardi Gras Accessories which are available online at cost effective prices. You can buy any accessory with the color combination of purple, gold and green to use them for the mardi gras decorations and celebrations.   


The Traditional Colors Are Purple, Green And Gold

The Mardi Gras Party Decorations are all drenched in green, gold and purple. So, if you ever wish to attend the mardi gras celebration then you would see these beads hung in the form of a string on the streets, windows, door and around people’s costumes and accessories.  


People Wear Masks And Costumes On Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras masks come in so many different shapes and sizes. They are usually magnanimous which is why they are visible from a distance. People wear trailed costumes and giant Eye And Face Masks for the mardi gras celebrations. This is a vastly followed tradition and people do not wear the Masks ever; other than the mardi gras parades and balls. 


It Is Celebrated In New Orleans By Various Krewes

Krewes are the secret organizers which run the entire mardi gras celebrations in New Orleans. The Krewes organize various parades and balls which are symbolic to the mardi gras and you can get your hands on the affordable products if you wish to be a part of the mardi gras celebrations in New Orleans. Mardi Gras Party Decor items are bought in bulk as it makes for the best mardi gras decorations.  


Mardi Gras Throws

All throughout the mardi gras parades and balls, the krewes throw items like beaded necklaces which are known as ‘throws’. It is lucky to grab one of the throws in the crowd of the parades and balls. 


Tradition For King Cake

If you cannot be a part of the New Orleans mardi gras parade then at least you can order a king cake which is part of the Mardi gras tradition. The cake is a traditional coffee cake with icing in green, purple and  gold color in a braided pattern on top. The cake has a hidden doll in it and whosoever cuts the doll part of the cake is declared the king of the day.  


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