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FAQ 101 - LED Light Up Pins

FAQ 101 - LED Light Up Pins

LED light up accessories have become very popular among folks recently. If you are also inclined towards them then you have come to the right place as we have a mammoth collection of products which are not just great in quality but pricing as well. This article is about a unique accessory which is unisex, colorful, light in weight, versatile and long lasting. You guessed it right, we are talking about lapel pins. However, these are not your random lapel pins as they have flashing lights in them. The Light Up Pins are great in quality and eye-catching even in a crowded place.


FAQ 101 - LED Light Up Pins


How can you wear LED pins?

These pins come in a number of enclosures to ensure that the fabric is not damaged. You can wear these on the following piece of clothing and items:

  • Jeans
  • Bags
  • Suits
  • Dresses

Not just these, you can be creative with their use and pair these up with other kinds of light up accessories like necklaces, lanyards and more.


Where can you use the flashing LED pins?

The light up Body Pins can be used for a number of occasions as they come in a variety of designs. The Christmas Tree one can be used for Christmas, the American Flag one is apt for 4th of july, the Light Bulb one is apt for fundraisers, the animal one is cool for a theme party, the cruise ship one can be used for a sea theme party, the musical notes one is apt for karaoke night and more. You can choose these wearables from a vareity of designs as per the occasion where you would like to use these.


How do you light up an LED pin?

The LED Body Light pins illuminate with the press of a button. They run on high quality batteries which keep them powered for a long time. Multiple LED Flashy Blinky Lights are used in the blinky pins which illuminate exclusively and simultaneously as well. You can turn on and turn off the rgb LED lights from the same button.


Do LED pins have various lighting modes?

The LED Pins have various lighting modes like flash, blink and steady on. You can toggle between the modes using the same button. The pins can be used with the lights on during the night and without the lights during day time.


Are LED pins suitable for kids?

Yes, they make for the best party favors for kids as well as adults. The LED clip enclosure comes with magnets which are safe for the kids as they do not poke the clothes. These can even be given to kids as light up toys which are multi-color and multi design.


What colors are available in LED flashing pins?

The LED Flashing Lights pins are available in multiple design options and the LEDs are put on it in colors which compliment the design of the pins. Blue LED, red LED and green LED lights are the most common ones which illuminate the brightest. White LED light is also used commonly in the blinking light pins.


Are LED pins affordable?

The LED Pin Body Lights come in convenient pack sizes with added discount at the checkout page. These make for excellent party supplies which can be used for birthday party along with other accessories like cowboy hats and cowboy boots. The LED Blinking Body Lights should be bought in bulk in order to get the best possible price.

  • Dec 28, 2022
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