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FAQ 101 - Glow in the Dark Jewelry!

FAQ 101 - Glow in the Dark Jewelry!

Kids love gifts and toys however they are especially inclined towards the items which have light and sound features. There are so many products which you can explore online and buy for the kids. You must take care of so many things while buying products for the kids so that they can use them even without your supervision. You can buy the products online by showing them on the screen to your kids. You can buy these in bulk and use it as per your convenience and requirement.

The glow jewelry works like magic for the kids as you can make it glow anytime and anywhere. Assembling the glow jewelry items can be a fun DIY project for the kids. The glow stays for a long time and you can use them during the night for any event of your choice. The Glow In The Dark Jewelry pieces include bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and headbands. They come in all different shapes and sizes which you can choose from as per the size of the user. The more you buy, the less price you will have to pay as the discounts get higher.




How To Activate Glow In The Dark Jewelry Pieces?

The glow in the dark jewelry pieces are to be activated to make them glow. All the Glowing Jewelry pieces are made of glow sticks. Simply bend the glow stick from the middle in order to break the inner vial and mix the components present in the glow stick. A chemical reaction happens which leads to a bright glow of the sticks. You can then bend these glow sticks in any shape of your choice and use a connector to join the two ends. 


How To Make The Glow Last Longer?

On an average the glow sticks last for 4 to 6 hours however you can increase the glow duration of the sticks by using it in ambient temperature. The rise in temperature acts as a catalyst for the chemical reaction leading to a smaller glow duration. Similarly, low temperatures can slow down the chemical reaction and increase the glow duration. However, the brightness also gets affected by the change in temperatures.


Glow In The Dark  Bracelets


How To Use Glow In The Dark Jewelry?

Kids love to imitate the elders thus they also love wearing jewelry pieces. However, precious metal jewelry pieces and precious stones are not recommended for the kids as they have sharp edges and the kids might lose it somewhere. The kids can easily wear Glow Stick Bracelets, Glow Necklaces, glow earrings and headbands. They are light in weight and affordable as well so you do not need to worry about the kids losing the pieces.


Glow In The Dark Necklaces

Where Can You Wear Glow Jewelry Pieces?

The Glow Jewelry pieces can be worn by kids to carnivals, Christmas parties, trick or treat sessions, halloween parties, birthday parties, glow theme parties and more. You can give these away to the guests as party favors which they can use in the party and even after the party.  

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