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7 Exciting Halloween Party Games Ideas For Kids and Adults

7 Exciting Halloween Party Games Ideas For Kids and Adults

Do you also wait for Halloween every year to spend some funny, pranky and quality time with your friends. You can add new Halloween Party Supplies in order to bring some newness to your halloween party. You can choose any theme for a Classic Halloween party however we have some pumpkin themed halloween party ideas for you. You can find all shapes, sizes and colors of pumpkin during Halloween time. A wide range of pumpkin theme halloween costumes, halloween decorations and party favors are sold online and offline. You can incorporate these products in order to curate games which kiddos and adults would love to play. 

If you have kids in your party then you can choose simpler games and you can go for some tricky ones for adults. One thing is for sure that by playing these games you are going to keep everyone indulged and entertained. Create a spooky environment by putting up ghosts, ghoul, spider web, witch, jack-o-lantern, glow stick, eyeball and skeleton theme Halloween Decorations. You can use orange balloons, stickers, witch hats and candy corn for a kids party. The ambiance of the place should be spooky so your guests can indulge in Halloween activities. 

If you are falling short of ideas for the DIY Halloween games then do not worry as we got you covered. We have enlisted 7 exciting Halloween games below which can be played by older kids and adults. You will have a lot of fun playing these games. Check out the list of fun Halloween game ideas and fun activities which you can play with your friends and family: 


7 Exciting Halloween Party Games Ideas For Kids and Adults

I Spy You Game

You do not need any item to play this classic game. Everyone would take turns to find the rest of the guests who are hiding. The dim lights and Halloween decorations add fun to this game when there is dead silence. Your guests can hide anywhere and play pranks on each other by making spooky sounds and throwing plastic spiders. This game can be played for hours and the partygoers would not even know where the time went. 

Halloween Charades

All of you must be aware of dumb charades however for an epic halloween party night play a game of Halloween charades. You can give each other spooky Halloween movies, scary movies or character names. The guessing game would be so much fun to play this game when you are divided into teams and keep a tab of the scores. 

Monster Bean Bag Toss Game

If you are not a fan of DIY then buy the Monster Bean Bag Toss Game Set which comes with round glasses having monster shapes printed on them and bean bags. The glasses can be stacked on one another and can be aimed from a distance with the bean bag. You can keep prizes for the players who are able to dismantle the entire glass stack. You can go for cornhole game sets as well if you are having an outdoor Halloween themed party.


Monster Bean Bag Toss Game

Brain Teaser Game

Puzzle over this variety of brain teasers which are made up of plastic and metal. They can be used as Halloween favors for trick-or-treating and ask your guests, especially kids to solve the puzzles. Brain Teaser Game Boredom Buster Kit is colorful puzzles game and would keep kids of all ages entertained for hours in the party. You can give Halloween candy to the one who solves a puzzle. 


Brain Teaser Game Boredom Buster Kit

Dinosaur Mini Puzzle Cube 

Do you know someone who is fascinated by dinosaurs? Bring home these Dinosaur Mini Puzzle Cubes and hand them over to see their excitement. They would be thrilled to solve the puzzle and you can even keep track of the time in which someone solves it to reward the one with a Halloween treat who solves it in the shortest possible time. 


Dinosaur Mini Puzzle Cubes


Musical Pumpkin Pass

Use actual pumpkins or the soft toy ones to play a game of musical pass. Play some music and pass the pumpkin until the music stops. The party guest who has the pumpkin when the music stops would have to perform something for the rest of the players. 

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin carving contests can be organized indoors or indoors in a halloween party. Your guests can poke a pumpkin to carve it and the one who is able to do it neatly and quickly would win. The winner can be given a cupcake. These Halloween crafts make for the best pumpkin themed Halloween party ideas. You can play pumpkin bowling with these afterwards. 


Pumpkin Carving Contest

Other than these fun Halloween party game ideas, you can even play Halloween bingo with bingo cards, tic tac toe, ring toss game, costume contest, murder mystery, haunted house, pumpkin golf, halloween scavenger hunt and more. You can find free printable guides for many games online.

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