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5 Reasons To Buy An LED Foam Stick Baton!

5 Reasons To Buy An LED Foam Stick Baton!

LED foam stick batons are probably one of the best party products of all time. They are so versatile in usage and aesthetically appealing that there is no way to ignore them. You can use them in a hundred different ways and would be sure to buy more and more of these for various occasions. The LED foam glow stick is amazing in every way which makes it one of the indispensable party supplies to be used for various events.


5 Reasons To Buy An LED Foam Stick Baton!


The flashing LED color changing foam stick batons can be used for Valentine’s day, Christmas decor, thanksgiving, mardi gras, halloween party, birthday party and more. The LED Light Batons come in all different sizes, colors and designs with multiple color flashing and lighting modes. The flashing modes can be changed with the press of a button which is very convenient for the user. 5 traits which make foam sticks the best party decorations are mentioned below:



The Foam Sticks and cheer tubes are reusable as they are made of high quality material and have replaceable batteries in them. Once the batteries are exhausted, you can simply change them and reuse them as per your convenience and requirement. These can be used for glow party LED lighting and they make for the best glow in the dark party supplies. The glow wands are great in quality and you can buy them in party packs to use them indoors as well as outdoors for various events.


Light Weight

Unlike other party sticks these are very light in weight and come in various sizes. You can buy the most convenient print and color as per the occasion you would like to use it for. The LED Foam Glow Sticks bulk purchase makes you get them at the lowest possible price due to incremental discounts. You can hang these anywhere to decorate and carry them in your hands without getting tired.


LED Light Up Multicolor Foam Stick


Kids Friendly

The foam sticks do not have any sharp edges, they are light in weight, have various lighting modes and come in various designs which make them apt for kids. You can choose their favorite color and give it to them as a toy or a party favor. Even the 16 inch multi-color sticks can easily be carried by kids. The flashing glow is surely going to keep your toddler engrossed for a good amount of time.


Cost Effective

The LED Light Sticks batons are great in quality and you can get them at the lowest possible price as we offer amazing discounts. They are not just light in weight but also stay light on the customer's pocket. You can buy solid color LED batons or multi-color ones as per your liking. These can be used on a dance floor, carnival, party wedding decor and more. Simply apply the coupon codes in order to pay the best price at the checkout page.



High quality foam is used to act as the case for the premium quality LED lights. The batteries which are used to power the LED lights can be replaced which adds to the durability of the product. These novelties can be used in various lighting modes like flash, strobe and steady light. You can use these for carnivals and sporting events during the night and create a beautiful atmosphere.


Light Up Foam Sticks


You can get these Light Up Foam Sticks online without having to go anywhere. Avail the amazing discounts after exploring the collection and choosing the best one for yourself. They glow brightly and are visible from a distance. They can be used as a wand as well as a decor product. You will not have to pay any shipping fee on orders above $59.99 and you would be able to further save on your purchase.

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