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Facts About LED Light Up Batons!

Facts About LED Light Up Batons!

LED products have become the best source for emergency lights in various sectors and they have especially taken the decor industry by storm. Decoration for any event is incomplete without the use of LED products as they are affordable and aesthetically pleasing. LED foam stick is one of the most liked LED products and it finds its use in so many events and parties. People buy these all throughout the year as these are safe, reusable, non toxic, eco-friendly, durable, cost-effective, colorful and more. 


The different size and color of the baton defines its use as a lot of festivals, events, parties and concerts have particular color themes. The foam casing diffuses the light in the most beautiful way making the batons look amazing. Printed batons are very popular among customers and they can buy these in various sizes and use these as per the print on them. Explore helpful facts about LED light up stick batons:


Facts About LED Light Up Batons!

Can You Reuse LED Stick Batons?

Yes, LED Foam Sticks can be reused as you can change the batteries of the sticks once they are exhausted. They are light on the pocket as they become brand new simply with the change of batteries.  

How Do You Turn On LED Light Up Batons?

There is an ON/OFF switch provided on one end of the baton which can be turned on and off. So, you can easily turn it on when you need it by simply pressing the button. 

How Can You Change The Lighting Modes Of The Foam Sticks?

The lighting modes of the foam sticks can be changed by pressing the same button used to turn on the foam stick. Pressing it again and again would toggle the foam stick between various lights. LED Foam Stick Batons are light in weight and carried for long hours without any hassle. 

5 Events To Use LED Light Up Foam Stick Batons


LED stick with ‘Happy Birthday’ print is very popular and buying this in a particular color can make them part of the theme. LED Light Up Happy Birthday Foam Stick can be used to do birthday decor and cheer for kids as well as adults. The more you buy, the less price you will have to pay. The Happy Birthday Print Foam Stick Baton also come in LED light up multi-colored and solid colored patterns which look amazing. 


LED Light Up Happy Birthday Foam Stick


If you are going out for holidays with your family or friends then carry an LED foam stick baton with ‘holidays’ printed on it. LED Light Up Holidays Foam Stick can be used to decorate any space and can be used for cheer up and emergency lighting purposes in the dark as well. They are pretty popular among folks during end of year celebrations. 


LED Light Up Holidays Foam Stick



If you are going to enjoy a music or dance concert then carry these in any color without any print. All of your friends can carry the same baton to keep track of one another even in the dark. They are lightweight and you can wave them as the music plays. They work really well as dance props and you can buy Concert Light Sticks in various colors and sizes.


Concert Light Sticks

Patriotic Events

The Patriotic Tri-Color Light Up Flashing Batons in red, white and blue colors are perfect to be used for decoration or as hand held props for any kind of patriotic celebration be it 4th of July, labor day, veteran’s day, armed forces day and more. You can showcase patriotism with full zeal and enthusiasm by using these. 


Patriotic Tri-Color Light Up Flashing Batons


Sports Events 

The stick baton with ‘Go Team’ print multi-color LED flashing lights can be carried to any sports event of your choice. LED Light Up Go Team Foam Stick can really help you cheer for your favorite team using the various lighting modes. You can even go for the Sound Activated Foam Stick Baton which light up when the surroundings are noisy. 


LED Light Up Go Team Foam Stick
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