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LED Light Up Foam Stick Cheer Batons - Types and Uses!

LED Light Up Foam Stick Cheer Batons - Types and Uses!

The light up and glow products are very popular in the market and you can get your hands on any one of them depending upon your liking and requirement. The type of products in this category are mammoth and you can explore them for kids as well as adults. The glow products incorporate a glow stick so they glow only once for a few hours depending upon the size of the glow stick and environmental factors. High temperatures make the glow stick illuminate brighter but for a shorter duration and low temperatures make the glow sticks illuminate dimmer but for a longer duration of time. However these are very handy and do not have any other requisites for its function.


The light up ones are made of LED lights which illuminate with the help of batteries and the brightness is independent of temperature. These illuminate with the press of a button and light up as per the life of the battery which can easily be replaced when exhausted. One product which is available in both the formats and is liked by one and all is a foam stick baton. These are versatile as they can be used for a variety of purposes due to the option for customization and wide range of available colors.Let's explore!


LED Light Up Foam Stick Cheer Batons - Types and Uses!

Why Are Foam Sticks So Popular?

The LED light up foam stick cheer batons are versatile as they come in a variety of colors, sizes and designs. They can be used for various occasions and purposes with the right type of customization. These are made of high quality foam which can be printed easily with any color which highlights on the base color. Some of the designs have become iconic and are used for particular occasions by one and all. These are durable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to carry, light in weight, cost effective and suitable for all thus being very popular among masses.


LED Foam Stick Batons

Most Popular Types Of Foam Sticks & Their Uses

Skull & Bones Foam Sticks

The skull and bone printed foam stick is one of the best LED light up foam stick cheer batons. They come with different colored LED lights which illuminate in different modes. LED Light Up Skulls & Bones Foam Sticks can be used for Halloween parties, pirate parties, theme parties, carnivals and more.


LED Light Up Skulls & Bones Foam Sticks

Candy Cane Foam Sticks

Candy Cane Decor is particularly famous during the Christmas and holiday season. The candy cane foam stick comes with red and white stripes which look aesthetically appealing. The LED Candy Cane Foam Stick lights up with the press of a button and can be used by kids as well as adults for decor purposes and as a handy product during the Christmas season.


LED Candy Cane Foam Sticks


Happy Birthday Foam Stick

The LED Light Up Happy Birthday Foam Stick comes in flashing lighting modes 'Happy Birthday' print and makes for a great birthday decor item and party favor. You can buy this lightest, brightest and versatile foam cheer stick for indoor and outdoor birthday party.


LED Light Up Happy Birthday Foam Stick

Custom LED Flashing Foam Sticks

You can get the Custom Light Up Products & customized LED flashing foam sticks in single as well as multi-color options. You can have various types of text printed on the foam sticks as per your requirement.

1. Hashtags

You can have the social media trend offline as well by having the hashtags printed on the foam sticks. The hashtags can be related to weddings, birthdays, events and more. You can buy Customized LED Flashing Foam Sticks in any color of your choice with the text in any font type and font size.


Customized LED Flashing Foam Sticks

2. Couple Name

The foam sticks can be a romantic prop for proposals, receptions, weddings and more. You can have Mr. & Mrs. printed on it along with the surname or have the names of the couple printed on the foam stick with a heart on the side.

3. Team Support

You can carry these to any match to cheer your team on the field. The light up feature allows for the foam stick to be visible even at night. You can get these in any color and showcase the light in various modes and your support for the person or a team.

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