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FAQ 101 - Light Up Cups For Parties!

FAQ 101 - Light Up Cups For Parties!

What Are Light Up Cups?

LED Light Up Cups are the ones which have LED lights in them which run through batteries. Usually multi-colored LED lights are fixed in a cup which light up with the press of a button without any hassle. The colored lights illuminate for hours due to the power of the batteries. The LED lights are built-in the glasses which are durable and see through. You can use these to set up a glow and light up bar indoors as well as outdoors for a party.

FAQ 101 - Light Up Cups For Parties!


What Is The Difference Between A Light Up Cup And A Normal Cup?

A light up cup is the one which has LED lights in its outer body like a stem or rim. The cups can even glow with the help of glow sticks which are fixed on the cups. However, cups whether disposable or non disposable, do not light up as they do not have any glow stick or LED light in their body. They can be in the form of a tumbler, wine glass, champagne glass, drinking cups, flutes and more.

What Is The Difference Between A Battery Operated Light Up Cup And A Regular Light Up Cup?

The regular cups which illuminate are made up of glow sticks and not glowing LED lights. The flashing LED lights need batteries to get power and turn on with the press of a button. The glow sticks need to be bent from the middle in order to break the inner vial to mix the components present inside. You can illuminate any kind of barware like LED shot glasses, Light Up Cups With Lids, beer mugs, barware, straws, LED tumblers, LED ice cubes, light up margarita glass, martini glass and more.

What Is The Purpose Of A Light Up Cup?

The light up cups are LED cups which add a beautiful aesthetic to any glow in the dark party. These Light Up Drinking Glasses and cups can be used in nightclubs, for halloween party, birthday party, new year’s eve, Christmas, LED neon party, glow party and more. You can surprise your kids by using them as party supplies as well as party favors.

What Are The Colors Of The Light Up Cups?

The glow cups and flashlight cups are available in multi-color and solid color options. The Light Up Drinkware is available in red, blue, green, yellow, pink, aqua, purple, orange and white light sticks. The light up drinking glasses, light up shot glasses and glow party cups come with solid and multicolor LED lights. The plastic cups are reusable, high quality and durable.

How Can You Get The Best Price For The Party Cups?

The pint glasses, pilsner glasses, rocks glass, shot glasses, champagne glasses and more can be bought in bulk to be used for various purposes. The LED Glasses are either made of food grade plastic or acrylic. You can find these novelties online and get the best price for bulk purchase. The more number of pcs you buy, the lesser the price you would be paying for each one.

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