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How To Choose Glasses For Various Drinks Like A Pro?

How To Choose Glasses For Various Drinks Like A Pro?

Parties and get-togethers have become an essential part of everyone’s lives. It helps in breaking the monotony by providing a chance to socially interact with others. People like to have all sorts of drinks with food to have a fun and nice time with their friends and family. The drinkware and barware made of glass and crystal can be really expensive. They are not just heavy on the pocket but are also difficult to maintain as they need to be handled with a lot of care. However, the LED light up drinkware and barware range is affordable and can help you serve the drinks in their respective glasses. Check out our article on things to Buy For A Mini Bar At Home in order to explore the list of products you can buy.


The Light Up Barware contains products which have LED lights which are illuminated with the help of batteries. Most products come with replaceable batteries however in others it is irreplaceable due to safety reasons. The LED light up drinkware is hand washable and unbreakable. The material of construction of the glasses is acrylic which is safe and non toxic.


How To Choose Glasses For Various Drinks Like A Pro?


If you have friends who enjoy different types of drinks then buy appropriate LED Light Up Drinking Glasses to serve different drinks. Each drink has a special type and shape of glass in which it is served. If you wish to know which shape of glass is used to serve which drink then this article is for you. The following list contains the drinks along with the type of LED light up glasses in which they are served.  


Beer is served either in a Stein, Pint or a Pilsner Glass. All of these are tall, sleek and slender but are meant to hold a large volume of drink. The cups come in various capacities which can be chosen from as per your convenience. You can choose either of the three mugs to serve beer to your friends. 



Champagne is best served in glasses which come with a stem and a slender body to hold the drink. Flute, tulip, wide tulip and coupe glasses are used to serve champagne. You can choose from these shapes as per your liking and serve champagne to your guests.


Champagne Flute Glass



Wine glasses are similar to the champagne ones as they also have a stem to hold the glass. The wide body and narrow mouth is important to aerate the wine and avoid spillage while swirling. The LED Light Up Wine Glasses get illuminated with the help of batteries which can be replaced very easily.


LED Light Up Wine Glasses




Martini is served in cone shaped glasses with a stem at the bottom. The LED Light Up Martini Glass looks classy and the drink is loved by one and all. 


LED Light Up Martini Glass



Buy the colorful range of Shot Glasses which are high in quality and which illuminate with the press of a button. They can be used to serve tequila and other drinks to the guest without any hassle.


LED Light Up Liquid Activated Shot Glass

Cocktails / Mocktails

Square shaped and glasses without stems can be used to serve any kind of cocktail or mocktail. You can pair a light up stirrer or a glow straw to serve the drinks to your guests. They are made of high quality, safe, non toxic and food grade material. These can also be used to serve soft drinks to kids.  

This article would have given you a fair insight in different types of glasses and their uses for various drinks. Create your own drinkware range by buying LED Light Up Drinkware which is affordable and durable in nature. 

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