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FAQ 101 - LED And Glow Stick Wands!

FAQ 101 - LED And Glow Stick Wands!

The LED light up wands and glow sticks have become the number one source of light in remote areas due to its ease of use. Glow sticks come in a variety of different colors which are amazing in appearance. Some colors glow brighter than the others and they come in a variety of different sizes and toppers. The toppers and the color are amazing which make you use these glow sticks for various purposes. The more you buy, the lesser price you will have to pay for glow stick Light Up Wand as the discounts are higher on bulk quantities. 

THe LED light up wands run on batteries and have longer glow duration than the glow stick wands. The LED light is brighter than the glow stick light which is dim in comparison to the former. The LED wands are also available at lowest possible price and are best purchased in bulk. 

Both the types are safe, non toxic, durable, light in weight and travel friendly. The wands are the number one choice of the customers and this article is going to cover the most frequently asked questions about wands:


FAQ 101 - LED And Glow Stick Wands!

What Is The Difference Between LED & Glow Stick Wands?

Other than the operational difference, the LED Light Up Wands can be turned off however the glow sticks wands cannot be turned off once activated. There is a button on the glow sticks wands which can be used to switch it on and off.  

How Do You Activate Glow Sticks?

Simply bend the glow sticks from the middle to break the inner glass vial of the glow sticks. This will help mix its components with the components present in the outer casing in order to start chemiluminescence.  

How Long Does The Glow Stick Last?

The duration of glow depends upon the size of the glow stick as well as the temperature in which it is being operated. On average, the glow of the sticks lasts for 6 to 8 hours.  

Are Glow Sticks Harmful?

The Glow Stick Wands are non toxic and they come in a pretty sturdy outer casing which is leak proof. If leaked out, the inner components of the glow stick can be wiped off with a damp cloth easily. 

Can You Reuse Glow Stick Wands?

No, the glow sticks can be used for one time only and are not reusable. The glow sticks once activated for glow cannot be turned off so they cannot be reused.   

Are Glow Stick Wands Waterproof?

Yes, glow stick wands are waterproof and they can stay illuminated for hours even underwater. However, the cooling effect of the water can dim the glow of the sticks.  

Does Freezing A Glow Stick Work?

Putting the Glow Sticks in the freezer can slow down the chemical reaction responsible for the glow however the reaction cannot be stopped completely. 

5 Unique Uses Of Glow Stick Wands

  • Decoration - The glow stick wands come with the carabiners and they can be used for decor purposes for events throughout the year.

  • Dance Prop - The glow stick wands can be used as a dance prop for performances on stage or in carnivals and events    

  • Camping Light - The glow sticks can be carried while camping as they can act an emergency light source as well as a product to decorate the camp
  • Toy Or Giveaway Item - The glow sticks fascinate kids the most and they can be used as a toy or a giveaway for them for various events

  • Patriotic Prop - The red, white and blue colored wands can be used for indoor as well as outdoor patriotic events. 

  • Hope the article answered all of your questions regarding LED Light Up & Glow Sticks Wands. Explore the amazing variety and let us know how you used the wands in the comment section below!

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