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LED Light Up Wands - FAQ 101

LED Light Up Wands - FAQ 101

What Are Light Up Wands?

Light up wands are used as toys and accessories by kids as well as adults. They come with different toppers with color changing features and designs. You can choose the design as per the occasion you would like to use it for. The more you buy, the less the price you would be paying for each of the flashing LED Wands. You can buy fairy wands, christmas tree wands, princess wands, fiber optic wands and other designs to be used as party favors.

LED Light Up Wands - FAQ 101


How Do You Light Up An LED Wand?

The Light Up Wand lights up with the press of a button as it is powered by high quality batteries. You can activate the batteries by pulling the tab to use the wands however you like. Press the button to turn on the lights and change the modes of lighting. You can let it stay illuminated in the mode of your choice and turn it off anytime you want. These battery operated batons are rechargeable and come with adjustable grip.

What Are LED Light Wands Used For?

The LED Light Wands are used for various purposes and occasions. Kids love to hold these in parades and carnivals. You can easily use the personalized wands for promotion and marketing purposes. The LED Wand can be used for birthday parties, wedding, bachelorette parties, graduation and more throughout the year.


LED Wands


What Is The Light Up Wand Made Out Of?

The LED ball wands are made of high quality plastic which is light in weight and easy to carry. You can buy these Light Wands in for kids as they are easy to carry due to light weight and come in various designs and sizes. They are best sellers and you can explore the mammoth range online without having to go anywhere.

What Is The Difference Between A LED Wand And A Flashlight?

Flashlight is synonymous to a torch which cannot be used as a toy or accessory. These LED light sticks can be used as flashlights, marketing items, props for dance, a return favor and more. They come with multi-color LED lights like red LED, blue LED and green LED for the rgb effect. These are different from glow stick wands which light up only once. The light source illuminates with the help of a rechargeable battery which is high quality and long lasting.

What Are The Perks Of Using An LED Wand?

Avail special offers on purchase of Magic Light Wands, star wands and snowflake wands which can be used for theme parties and are fairly new products. You can showcase a light show with light effects with red, blue, green and white LED lights. The LED lights illuminate in three different modes with a remote control which are flash, blink and steady light. You can grab the coupon codes at the checkout page which lets you avail the slashed prices.

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