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Things To Know About Glow Stick And LED Light Up Wands!

Things To Know About Glow Stick And LED Light Up Wands!

There are so many accessories to choose from for the glow party which is trending everywhere. However, the basic material which is used to make the Light Up Wand for a glow party are glow sticks and LED lights. The glow sticks are meant for one time use only however the LED wands can be used multiple times. The LED Light Wands illuminate with the help of batteries which are not required in glow stick wands. Let's explore:


Things To Know About Glow Stick And LED Light Up Wands!

Perks Of Glow Sticks

Light In Weight 

The Glow Sticks are light in weight which makes it super easy for the user to carry them. They occupy very less space which makes it easy for the user to pack in any place. Even while wearing the accessories made from glow sticks you can be at ease as they are not heavy like metal accessories.  


The glow sticks are bendable so they can be used to make any kind of accessory like bracelets, necklaces, glow stick wands, earrings, rings and more. This can be a fun DIY project for kids and it can be executed with the help of glow sticks and connectors only.  


They come in a variety of colors which ensures that they can be used for a variety of events with particular color themes. The color schemes make them suitable for patriotic events, mardi gras, memorial day, valentines, christmas, halloween and much more. 

If you are interested in buying the light up wand toy then the following information might be helpful for you!

How Do You Make A Glow Stick Wand?

You do not have to worry about the hassle of learning the science behind glow sticks in order to make a glow stick wand. The glow stick wands can easily be made with pre-made glow sticks which come with connectors. The first step is to activate the glow sticks and then bend it a little in the shape of a wand before putting a connector to shape it into a wand. 


LED Light-Up Lollipop Glow Stick Wand

How Do You Activate Glow Stick Wands?

The Glow Stick Wands can be activated by simply bending the stick in order to break the inner glass vial. The components would then get mixed resulting in the glow of the stick. The various colors of glow sticks are obtained by the use of various dyes. The dyes mix and emit colors however the color of the outer case remains the same.     

How Many Colors Are Available In LED Light Up Wands?

Earlier the options were less, however now the list of colors available in LED light up wand is long. Any colored light can be used to make the wands. For patriotic use one can use red, white and blue color, for mardi gras one can buy green, yellow and purple ones and the list goes on like this. You can even get these wands customized in various colors of your choice as per the theme of the party you would like to attend and use these for. 


Do Glow Stick Wands Come In Different Sizes?

The glow stick wands come in different sizes as well as widths. You can choose from the different sizes as per the wrist size. However, the standard sizes for adults as well as kids suit everyone very well. Unlike clothes, you do not have to choose a particular size for each individual. They look best on kids and even adults enjoy wearing them for glow in the dark parties and other fun events.

Light Up Wands


The Light Up Wands are versatile and can be used to make any kind of accessory. You can use these in any size and color as per your requirement. These are safe, non toxic, high quality, waterproof, durable and long lasting. You can buy these glow & LED Wands in bulk in order to pay the best possible price owing to the amazing discounts. Grab the deals while they last on any light up wand toy of your choice.  

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