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10 Unknown Facts About Glow Sticks!

10 Unknown Facts About Glow Sticks!

Glow sticks are known to be the most liked item of all which can be made in a variety of shapes and molded to make a lot of products. The glow sticks are safe to be used by anyone in any environment. The glow sticks light up without the use of batteries or any other energy source which makes them look magical in every way. You can make glow sticks bulk purchases in various sizes and convert them into various products using connectors. Let us dwell more into glow sticks and throw light on the most amazing facts which are not known to all.


10 Unknown Facts About Glow Sticks


Let us explore the 10 unknown facts about glow sticks which are mentioned below:

1. Chemiluminescence Causes The Glow

Mixing of chemicals and dyes lead to the illumination which we see inside the Glow Sticks. Glow sticks can be activated on the spot by simply bending it a little to break the inner vial in order for the chemicals to mix.

2. It Was Used As A Military Tool

The glow sticks were not invented as a party prop which we see today. Initially, they were invented as a military tool to send signals by soldiers at night in secluded and far-fetched border areas. We bet you didn't know about its combat use!

3. Versatile In Use

The glow sticks can be used to make party decor items which can be used indoors as well outdoors. They are used in making Glow Accessories, Glow Bracelets, Glow Necklaces, party supplies, drinkware, barware, toys, balls and more. You can mold the glow sticks in various shapes in order to make a unique DIY product. The activity would be fun for kids and it would keep them engrossed for hours in one go.

4. Long Shelf Life

The glow sticks have a shelf life of 2 years which means that it can stay inactive for two long years before being activated for illumination. They just need to be kept in a cool and dark place wrapped up in foil. 

5. Temperature Dependent

The temperature in which the glow sticks illuminate affect the brightness and time period for which it glows. High temperature acts as a positive catalyst for the brightness thus the duration time of glow decreases. Low temperatures decrease the brightness of the glow sticks so they illuminate for a longer time period. 


6. Come In Various Shapes

Glow in the dark sticks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can get your hands on any of them depending upon your requirement. For example - Long glow sticks with spikes work well for outdoor purposes and the small ones with carabiners work well for indoor decor purposes.

7. Green And Yellow Are Brightest Glowing Sticks

Green Glow Sticks and Yellow Glow Sticks are the brightest of all the colors. Orange is the third brightest color in glow sticks. You can use this information to decide if you need a bright or a dim setup made of glow sticks.

8. Not Reusable

Unlike LED light up products the glow ones cannot be reused. The glow lasts for a few hours depending upon the size of the glow stick before it fades away.

9. Cannot Be Turned Off Once Activated

Once you break the inner vial of the glow sticks and the chemicals are mixed then it is impossible to stop the reaction which causes illumination. The reaction can however be slowed down by freezing the glow stick but it cannot be stopped. Thus, glow sticks are best suitable for single use purposes.

10. Safe Light Source

 The plastic casing of the glow stick is non toxic and non inflammable. It does not produce heat while glowing and does not cause any sparking which ensures it is safe light source to be used by one and all.

All the above mentioned facts about Glow In The Dark Sticks would help you make informed decisions while making glow stick bulk purchases. Grab various colors and sizes in order to create a magical setup for any party or event. What are you waiting for?

  • Jul 29, 2022
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