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Glow Sticks 101 - Various Colors And Various Traits!

Glow Sticks 101 - Various Colors And Various Traits!

Glow sticks are very versatile and you can get your hands on the best quality ones which can be used for various purposes as they are flexible and can be molded into any shape with the help of connectors. No need to change the shape of the glow sticks as they can easily be used as they are. They come in so many different colors and with a hook on top to connect them to any lanyard or string which can then be used for any kind of purpose.  


Glow Sticks 101 - Various Colors And Various Traits!


Let’s explore the various traits, various designs and colors of glow sticks! 

Which Glow Sticks Are The Brightest? 

The brightness of the glow stick is dependent on the temperature in which it is being lit. The glow sticks illuminate brightest in warm environments. Also, the amount of chemical present in the glow stick is also responsible for the illumination that is the result of mixing of chemicals. Large Glow Sticks when activated in a warm environment glow the brightest. 

How Long Do Glow Sticks Last? 

Glow sticks need to be kept wrapped in foil in a cool, dry and dark place. The sticks can last from 3 to 4 years in this environment otherwise they have a shelf life of around 2 years. Once activated by bending and shaking, the glow sticks last for only a few hours. 

How Long Do Activated Glow Sticks Last?

The glow sticks illuminate from a few minutes to a few hours in one go. The glowing hours also depend upon the temperature. If the glow sticks are kept in a cold environment then they last for longer in comparison to when they are kept in a warm environment.  

Why Do Different Glow Sticks Have Different Colors?

The glow sticks are made of glass vials inside the plastic capsule. The outer capsule has a dye in it which is responsible for the different colors of the glow sticks. There are few colors which glow brighter than the other ones. 


Glow Sticks - Different Colors

What Can You Do With Glow Sticks?

The glow sticks can be used for a lot of different purposes like decorating the house for parties, wedding, as lighting for night camping, as party favors, for making glow accessories and more. 

What Color Glow Stick Is Best?

Well, this really depends on the liking of a person however the neon Green Glow Sticks and Red Glow Sticks are most liked among masses. Every color of glow stick is unique and you can get the best glow sticks online without having to go anywhere. If you are buying glow sticks for your house party then buy colors which compliment your house. If you are not sure of the colors you wish to buy then you can even go for the assorted packs which have multiple colored Glow In The Dark Sticks


Glow Sticks Bulk

What Is The Purpose Of Glow Sticks?

In earlier times, the glow sticks were curated to send signals at night however with time the purpose of the glow sticks have changed immensely. Now, it can be used as a dance prop, for camping sites, as an emergency light source, as party favors, for patriotic events for making inexpensive glow in the dark accessories.  

What Can You Print On Glow Sticks?

There are various types of customized prints which are very popular on glow sticks however, you can buy Custom Glow Sticks as per your liking and requirements. Some of the most popular prints are mentioned below:

  • Mr. And Mrs. 
  • Trick Or Treat 
  • Happy Halloween 
  • Happy Birthday

    Custom Glow Sticks

    Unique Colors You Can Buy In Glow Sticks

    There are various colors which can be bought for various purposes however, orange, aqua, blue, green, red, yellow and White Glow Sticks are perfect. They can be used together as well as separately. 


    Glow Sticks With Various Colors


    Throw a bright and colorful glow theme party and incorporate these long lasting, durable and aesthetically appealing Glow Sticks however you like. You can also try amazing LED Foam Stick Batons with various sizes, designs and colors as per your requirement.

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