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Top 7 Popular Mardi Gras Traditions You Must Know

Top 7 Popular Mardi Gras Traditions You Must Know

Massive crowds, parades, delicious food items, vibrant costumes, colorful floats, etc., demonstrate the popularity of Mardi Gras worldwide. New Orleans is the city where the main celebration of carnival takes place. On this day, individuals gather in large numbers with their friends and family members and experience unforgettable moments. Everyone must know many popular Mardi Gras traditions to have maximum fun during the carnival. We have compiled the top seven popular Mardi Gras traditions. Have a look at them and prepare yourself for the upcoming carnival.


Top 7 Popular Mardi Gras Traditions You Must Know


Explore Popular Mardi Gras Traditions

1. Wearing Masks And Costumes

Wearing masks and costumes during the Mardi Gras celebration is one of the most ancient traditions. It allows individuals to embrace the festive vibe, hide their identity, and have fun. So, collect themed costumes and stylistic masks in advance. Party Glowz provides Mardi Gras themed and light up masks in different colors and styles. It also offers many themed accessories for Mardi Gras. Just incorporate them into your costume to have the perfect look during the carnival.


2. Breads Throwing Tradition

During Mardi Gras celebrations, individuals throw colorful beads at the crowd. It is a primitive and popular tradition that amuses everyone. Get Mardi Gras accessories and beads in different sizes and colors from Party Glowz and toss them among the crowd. You can also try to catch beads thrown by others. This activity provides fun for individuals of all ages.


3. Hosting or Attending A Masquerade Ball

It is a popular Mardi Gras tradition that allows individuals to observe the holiday in style. It originated in 15th-century Italy during the Renaissance. Initially, such gatherings were limited to the upper classes. But, with time, it spread to people from all classes of society. It doesn't matter whether you host a masquerade ball yourself or attend an existing one; enjoy entertaining activities such as live music and dance, costume contests, and themed games for unlimited fun with Mardi Gras stuff.


4. Mardi Gras Parades

Colorful and lively parades are the main attractions of the Mardi Gras carnival. They are organized by Krewes, social organizations that design stylish floats adorned with attractive decorations. These parades pass through the main streets of New Orleans and other cities across the globe and impress onlookers with live music and dance, themed costumes, etc. Learn more about such a parade in your locality and attend it with all your loved ones for an unforgettable thrill.


5. Second Line Parades

The second-line parades are a marvelous tradition during Mardi Gras in New Orleans. It is a live-street celebration with music, dance, and cheers. The term second line refers to all those individuals who follow the main Mardi Gras parade and create an informal procession. Usually, they carry colorful umbrellas, accessories, handkerchiefs, banners, etc. It is deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of New Orleans and combines African, European, and Caribbean cultures. When the parade travels through the city streets, it becomes a moving party, allowing individuals to have ultimate fun and enjoy New Orleans's cultural diversity with Mardi Gras items.


6. King Cake Tradition

When you attend the carnival, Mardi Gras, don’t forget to enjoy the slices of King Cake. Usually, a group of individuals make it in Mardi Gras colors. A tiny plastic baby is hidden inside. Anyone who finds the baby in their slice is declared king or queen. He or she is responsible for preparing the next king cake or throwing a party with Mardi Gras party supplies. This tradition adds more excitement to the carnival and attracts many people from all over the world.


7. Rex Is The King of the Mardi Gras Carnival

Remember that Rex is the central figure in the Mardi Gras carnival. Established in 1872, the Rex organization chose a prominent community member to act as a king and lead the Mardi Gras parade. It highlights the traditional role of royalty in the festivities and encourages more people to attend the carnival.

The Mardi Gras carnival promises unforgettable fun and entertainment for everyone. As stated earlier, it has rich traditions that have evolved with time. As it is celebrated worldwide, different countries may have different traditions. Learning more about popular Mardi Gras traditions will enable you to enjoy the carnival in several ways. Happy Mardi Gras 2024 to all.


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When is the Mardi Gras in 2024?

13 Feb, 2024


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