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LED Foam Batons - Sizes, Colors, Prints And More!

LED Foam Batons - Sizes, Colors, Prints And More!

If you are looking for products which can be used in outdoor as well as indoor events for cheer-leading and decorative purposes then your search ends here. Party Glowz offer the highest quality foam stick batons which perfectly suffice your needs. The foam sticks are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and prints. You can explore the amazing variety of LED foam sticks rather than sticking to a normal foam baton. Lets learn more about the types, formats and uses of these cost effective LED foam stick batons.


LED Foam Batons - Sizes, Colors, Prints And More!

What Are LED Foam Stick Batons?

The LED Foam Batons are very popular among the folks as they are illuminated beautifully with the press of a button. Light Up foam stick batons have LED lights within the foam stick batons along with battery packs. They illuminate in the color of the LED lights as it diffuses through the foam batons to give a magical aesthetics.


LED Foam Batons

What Are The Sizes Available In LED Sticks?

The LED sticks are available in 16 inch and 18 inch sizes. The width is however similar for both the sticks so you can easily grip the foam stick in any event and for any purpose of your choice.

Do Foam Stick Batons Have Toppers On Them?

Foam stick batons are available without toppers however the wands have various types of toppers on them like heart, cartoon, etc. You can choose between them as per your requirements.


What Are The Various Prints Available In LED Foam Batons?

The LED foam baton comes in various prints on it like Think Pink!, Happy Birthday, Go Team, American Flag and many more theme print. You can choose from them as per your requirement and as per the event you wish to attend.


Think Pink Ribbon Theme Foam Stick Go Team Foam Stick  LED Light Up American Flag Print Foam Stick baton

What Are The Colors Available In LED Light Up Batons?

The LED Light Up Foam Batons are available in blue, orange, purple, pink, green, red, yellow and multi-color format. Every color is beautiful in its own way and impart a special vibe to a place when used.

Which Is The Best Color In LED Foam Sticks?

Multicolored foam stick baton is very popular among the masses as it has all the colors in which a foam stick can light up. You can buy these in any number and avail special discounts on bulk purchases.


Multicolor Foam Stick Baton

What Are The Various Modes Of LED Foam Batons Light Up?

The lighting modes of the foam batons can be changed with the press of a button and there are 3 different lighting options. First one is blinking, second is flashing and the third one is steady light. The various lighting modes help you get the best of the foam sticks just with the press of a button.

Where To Use Various Colors Of Foam Stick Batons?

Well, there are a plethora of ways in which the foam sticks can be used and you can check out the following list in which the ways have been mentioned as per the colors of foam stick batons:


LED Light Up Foam Batons are amazing in every way and you can buy them without having to go anywhere. Try out various colors on various occasions as per your liking.

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