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8 Types of Foam Glow Sticks on Sale!

8 Types of Foam Glow Sticks on Sale!

The LED products are used to attract attention in the dark. These products are multi purpose and can be used for safety reasons too in dark and dingy places. The foam sticks can be carried by anyone and everyone as they are light in weight and they can be used on various occasions and events. These can be carried by kids as well as adults who are looking for unique props to hold. The LED foam batons wholesale prices can be availed by anyone and everyone which ensures that the purchase is not digging a hole in anyone’s pocket. The LED foam stick is best for night time events as the light ensures that your accessory is visible during the night.  There is a vast variety of LED foam sticks near me which can be bought for various occasions. Some of the best ones are available      

LED foam finger

If you want to cheer for your best team then get your hands on this LED foam finger which denotes number one sign. The finger is made of high quality material which illuminates with the press of a button. The LED foam finger comes with pre-installed batteries which are responsible for its illumination. It is great for night sports and other competitive events.   

Flag foam stick

These can be used for various patriotic events and you can hold the American flag foam stick high in your hand. The flag foam stick is colorful and illuminates brightly with the help of batteries which come included and pre-installed. The custom LED foam sticks can be used for day events and even during night events with the LED function.        

Happy Birthday foam stick

Birthday foam sticks are very popular and they can be used by one and all for various events. The foam stick has Happy Birthday Printed on it and it comes in various colors. The happy birthday foam stick can be used to give surprise birthday party and many more events.



Happy Holidays

The best way to celebrate holidays with the best of accessories is to buy the LED ones in advance. You can find foam glow sticks for sale on partyglowz website on best possible price which is lowest in comparison to other suppliers. The foam baton with Happy holidays sign can be customized as per your convenience and happy holidays foam stick can be ordered well in advance to get them in the best way.    


St. Patrick’s Day

Now you can carry this light in weight and high in quality foam baton with St. Patrick’s day written on it. The foam batons can be bought in the color of your choice and in any size. If you are buying these for kids then you can buy smaller sizes and if you are buying them for adults then you can go for a bigger size. The foam batons light up with the press of a button and it can even change modes with the press of a button.    



The foam baton with snowflakes print is the best kind of printed foam baton which you can buy for the holiday season. The snowflakes are blue in color and the bright light makes the baton look icy. You can buy them in multiple colors and sizes as per your liking and requirement. The snowflakes are apt for the winter season and the batons look amazing with this print.  


Go Team

If you are going for a game then get this go team baton to show support to your favorite team. You can even buy the custom LED foam sticks which look amazing in every sense. The baton is high in quality and comes in various sizes and colors. You can choose one as per your liking and requirement.



If you are a fan of racing cars then get your hands on the best kind of checkered foam baton which is high in quality and illuminates at night. The checkered pattern comes in white and black color which is amazing to look at. The checkered foam sticks are available at high discounts through free delivery options. 

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