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How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks For Christmas Decorations?

How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks For Christmas Decorations?

Christmas decorations can create an outstanding ambiance at the event space, make your party stand out, attract guests' attention, and ensure everyone returns home with a pleasant smile. That’s why event organizers use various Christmas party supplies and think creatively when transforming a simple-looking house or any event area into a perfect zone for a thrilling Christmas party.

Out of different options for Christmas decor, the popularity of LED foam glow sticks continues to increase. Event organizers use it differently to create the perfect environment for a Christmas party. So, let's discuss some ways to use LED light up foam sticks for home decor and party fun activities.


Important To Know:

When is Christmas 2023?

25 December 2023


What Are The Primary Reasons Behind The Popularity of Foam Sticks?

Compared to traditional bulbs, foam sticks are much better options for Christmas decorations. They are available in different colors and have LED lights. So, they help you create fantastic lighting and ambiance for unforgettable Christmas gatherings. Plus, their small sizes make them ultra-portable.


Where Can I Get High Quality LED Foam Glow Sticks?

PartyGlowz is a wholesale and retail supplier of different-colored LED foam glow sticks. See the product catalog, choose the required number of party supplies, and place one or more orders. Product shipment is fast, so you get the purchased items immediately. Plus, bulk orders are free of charge for all. Find and redeem available coupon codes to reduce shopping bills.


How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks For Christmas Decorations?


Creative Christmas Decor Ideas With Light Up Foam Sticks:

1. Outdoor Christmas Decorations With Foam Light Sticks

During Christmas, the outdoor areas of your house must look well-managed and decorated. So, take some foam sticks in multiple colors and outline garden borders and pathways. Place them in vases to illuminate your patio, add a warm glow to the surroundings, and create a magical entrance. Furthermore, you must wrap the party supplies around porch railings. Feel free to use LED foam light sticks with other decor items. For example, you can attach them to light up wreaths, snowflakes garlands, and outdoor Christmas trees to create a mesmerizing visual effect and surprise individuals. Create appealing design patterns at the entrance gate to attract people’s attention.


2. Transform The Dining Room & Tables

The dining room and the table are where people spend most of their time during Christmas parties, communicate with loved ones, and enjoy their favorite treats and beverages. Pick the party supplies in multiple colors and place them in the dining room appropriately to create a dynamic look. Arrange them smartly to make a unique design or piece of art that can catch people's attention at first glance.

You can also use them as a table centerpiece. Bundle some foam sticks, put them in a transparent jar, and place them on the dining table. Use a matching table cover to maintain the perfect ambiance. Make experiments using LED candy cane foam sticks and other Christmas theme decorations and determine what works best when decorating the dining room and table. Feel free to use flameless LED candles and foam sticks to create a cozy atmosphere in the dining room.


3. Create A Winter Wonderland in The Bedroom

When the Christmas party ends, many guests who travel a long distance to attend the occasion choose to stay at your home. Therefore, you must decorate bedrooms per the event’s theme and create a comfortable environment. First, decorate the room walls with decals. Next, put string lights in the room and hang light up foam sticks of several colors at different heights to create a spectacular environment. Keep everything at a minimum to let guests feel relaxed while resting.


4. Illuminate The Central Hall Beautifully

The central hall in a house is where the most entertaining Christmas party activities take place, such as dancing, meeting with friends or loved ones, gift exchange, festive games, etc. Therefore, you must carefully use foam sticks and other party supplies to illuminate the central hall and elevate people’s mood. Remove all unnecessary stuff from the central hall to make it look more spacious. Hang snowflake swirls, Christmas ornament balls, and Christmas light honeycomb garlands from walls and roofs. After that, place foam sticks (of a festive theme) at four corners of the hall or any other suitable area. It will illuminate the whole room and create a perfect atmosphere for different entertaining events at the Christmas party.


5. Illuminate The House’s Backyard

It is the most neglected area during events and occasions. Event organizers generally don’t adore it and consider it insignificant. However, decorating a house's backyard for Christmas is beneficial. It gives additional space for entertaining activities. Get LED light sticks in different colors and place them at varying heights. Their beautiful illumination will make your house's backyard look elegant. Guests may come here for a short break during an entertaining event. You can also host a wine-tasting party and invite adults for enjoyment.

Light up foam sticks are famous for their beautiful design, ease of use, availability in different colors, and marvelous illumination. As recommended above, there are numerous ways to use them for Christmas decorations. Determine a concrete plan for Christmas decor, collect LED glow sticks and other required party supplies, and decorate your home or any selected area for a marvelous Christmas party. Happy Christmas to all!

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