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5 Reasons To Buy LED Christmas Candy Cane Sticks

5 Reasons To Buy LED Christmas Candy Cane Sticks

Thanksgiving is fast approaching which marks the start of winters hence the inception of the holiday season. Candy cane is the most popular and widely bought item during the Christmas season. It is used as a Christmas tree ornament, hard candy, party favors and a home decor item. You can even carry these as cheer sticks for various events of your choice. It was introduced at Christmas as a peppermint candy however the design of the Candy Cane Sticks became so popular that people started making Christmas holiday decoration items as well as Christmas tree ornaments with red and white stripes.


Traits Of LED Candy Cane Foam Sticks

Peppermint candy sticks are very popular as stocking stuffers and the light up candy cane batons are very popular as Christmas Decorations. The candy cane batons come in a foam stick pattern which looks amazing in every way. These cheer batons are best sellers as they are very convenient to use. The red & white stripes portray the Christmas season perfectly. Let’s find out the main traits of jumbo LED candy cane foam sticks which makes them the best buy:


5 Reasons To Buy LED Christmas Candy Cane Sticks


Light Up

Christmas decoration is incomplete without fairy lights and what could be better than decorations which have LED lights embedded in them. The candy cane Foam Sticks have white LED lights in them which are covered by foam. The baton lights up from within which makes it aesthetically pleasing. These can be held in hand while enjoying mini peppermint candy canes.

Battery Operated

These are not your old fashioned candy sticks, they come with smart technology and the LED lights are powered by batteries. 3 AG13 batteries come included in the package which can be replaced with the new ones when exhausted. These can also be used as emergency lights while camping and trekking. They can be a decorative item as well as a life saver.

Easy To Operate

The LED lights of the baton light up with the press of a button. The lights illuminate in various modes like flash, blink and steady light. You can toggle between the modes with the press of a button. The holiday Candy Cane Stick can easily be turned on and off by the kids.


LED Light Up Candy Cane Foam Stick

Perfect For Indoor & Outdoor Use

The premium quality LED lights make them light up brightly which ensures that you can use these during day as well as night. You can buy these in bulk and apply coupon codes at the checkout page in order to get the best possible discount.


The gluten free white peppermint candies are perishable however these candy cane batons are durable and will last you a very long time. You can sip on your hot chocolate while sitting in a room decorated with these Candy Cane Light Up Items. You can serve peppermint flavor candies to your guests and give them striped accessories.


We ensure that all our products are available at best prices and you can save a lot on your purchase. The decor item will surely give you as much joy as the mint candy.

  • Nov 15, 2022
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