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How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks At A Dinner Party?

How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks At A Dinner Party?

Occasionally, people throw dinner parties and invite their loved ones to enjoy a shared meal. It's a perfect occasion to meet face-to-face with everyone, communicate on all important topics, and create unforgettable memories. Event organizers use different party supplies to enhance the overall ambiance of a dinner party and surprise guests at first glance. Light up foam sticks are one of them. With their proper use, you can make your next dinner party outstanding and thrilling. But how? Let's talk about some possibilities.


How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks At A Dinner Party?


1. Enhance Dining Room Ambiance With Foam Sticks

Your dining room should look elegant from all angles during the dinner party. So, pick some light up foam sticks in matching or contrasting colors and place them appropriately in the room. As per your needs, hang them from the ceiling and place them on the dining table as centerpieces. You should also use table runners. Dim some lights in the room and switch on the foam sticks. It will help create dynamic visual effects and attract attention. Think of using mirrors. It will reflect the glow from foam light sticks and create an attractive combination of light and shadow throughout the dining room.


2. Use Light Up Foam Sticks As Table Markers

When organizing a large-scale dinner party, you can use foam sticks as table markers and help guests sit at the assigned place. For this, you need to put customized LED light sticks in the center of the tables. Guests can find their seats conveniently and make the most of the dinner party.


3. Add More Glow To Party Games

Who says dinner parties are all about just having meals and no play? Nowadays, everyone engages in entertaining games. You can use foam LED glow sticks to add more fun and excitement to party games. For example- encourage people to play traditional games like musical chairs, scavenger hunts, relay races, etc, and use LED foam sticks. Their glow will create a dynamic visual element and captivate them. Different colors may denote different teams and make friendly games more interesting.


4. Set Up A Fun Casino

To enhance guest’s excitement and impress casino lovers, set up a temporary casino in a spacious area at the event space. Illuminate the surroundings with the placement of LED foam sticks of several colors. Make rules and encourage them to abide by them while making bets. The colorful glow of the foam sticks will make the gambling sessions more exciting.


5. Use Custom LED Foam Sticks As Props

Dinner parties are excellent opportunities for capturing memories. Place an order to Custom LED Foam Sticks on PartyGlowz and distribute them among guests. Encourage guests to click pictures and record videos or shorts throughout the event while holding the light up sticks as props. Furthermore, set up a photo booth with fun backgrounds and let everyone click attractive images. These pictures will be genuinely awesome, thanks to the glow of party foam sticks. In the future, they will remind you of the unique dinner party you attended.


6. Cheer Up During Entertaining Events

Nowadays, dinner parties are full of entertaining events that appeal to individuals of all ages. Give everyone foam stick batons if there are live musical performances. When the audience waves them in synchronization, it creates a fantastic atmosphere that delights everyone and turns a dinner party into a full-fledged celebration.

In the same way, you can use custom foam LED sticks to make dance sessions more entertaining. Turn some lights off, play the thrilling music and distribute the neon party supplies to everyone. With each dance move, you will be able to see amazing visuals.


7. Illuminate Outdoor Space

To illuminate the outdoor space of the home or office during the dinner party, place LED foam sticks at the front door and pathways, around seating areas and trees. Mix some LED candle lights and fairy string lights to create a magical environment outside the house or office.

A dinner party in a home or office always delights guests. They taste delicious foods and beverages and have fun in numerous ways. As detailed above, use your creativity to introduce LED foam glow sticks to transform an ordinary event into a marvelous one. Get them in any color from PartyGlowz. Place a bulk order and get the product shipment with no additional charges. Find and redeem a coupon code to reduce your shopping bill further.

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