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How To Use Foam Light Sticks To Energize Your Dance Party?

How To Use Foam Light Sticks To Energize Your Dance Party?

A dance party is all about fantastic light shows, music and unforgettable dance movements. It’s a collective celebration wherein people come together to express joy and enjoy thrilling music. Do you want to introduce more excitement to your next dance party and make it incredible for all dance enthusiasts? If yes, then use light-up foam sticks. But how does it help in this regard? Let’s talk about it in detail.


How To Use Foam Light Sticks To Energize Your Dance Party?


Give Light Up Foam Sticks To All

Have light up foam sticks of several colors in your arsenal and distribute them among guests when everyone is ready for the dance marathon. Get customized ones as well to create aesthetically pleasing visual experiences. Let them know how the party supply works.

Organize Dance Competitions

Dim the main lights, play the music and encourage individuals to show their fantastic dance movements. To take people’s excitement to a new level, divide them into different groups and announce the award for the winning team. It will work as a catalyst and everyone will see fantastic dance performances.

If someone from the guests can sing songs smoothly, invite him or her to the stage and let everyone enjoy the live performance. Popular songs, music and fantastic light shows will surely delight the audience.


Some Dance Moves You Can Make Special With Party Foam Sticks:

1. Salsa

Remember that salsa dancing is famous for its vibrant energy and rhythmic moves. But you can make it more exciting and thrilling for everyone by using custom LED foam glow sticks. Let the dancers make beautiful dance movements and suddenly awash the dance floor with the vibrant glow of foam stick batons.

Encourage them to try basic steps, left and right turns, New York walk, etc. While making these moves, they can wave them to create an excellent effect and delight spectators.


2. Hip Hop

To enhance the appeal of hip-hop dance, think of synchronizing dynamic lighting effects with movements. Give dancers and spectators foam sticks, play the trill music and ask everyone to wave it. Try it with a single or group hip-hop dance. Everyone will enjoy the stunning combination of dance moves, music, and glare.


3. The Moonwalk

The moonwalk, a popular dance move invented by Micahel Jackson, appeals to dance lovers of different ages and preferences. But have you ever imagined taking this classic move to new heights using LED foam glow sticks?

Take foam stick batons of different colors and distribute them among dancers. When making gliding movements of the Moonwalk, they must wave it (in a circular motion or side by side) to create beautiful transitions.

The combination of light, music, and movement will turn the dance session into a thrilling performance and captivate the audience.


4. Shoulder Step

In such a dance, dancers make impressive moves using their steps, upper body, and shoulders. Encourage them to synchronize the LED foam stick movements with music and dance to create amazing visuals. Furthermore, they must experiment with different speeds and directions to add excitement to the dance moves.


5. The Running Man

It is a popular dance widely popular among dancers of all age groups. While dancing, they run in place with enlarged arm movements. To enhance the overall excitement, dancers must take foam sticks and use multiple arm positions and spins to create visually appealing effects. Proper coordination with music, small pauses, and then quick movements of hands will add an element of surprise to the dance show and delight the audience.

Thanks to their availability in several colors, lightweight design, and beautiful glow, LED foam sticks have the power to transform an ordinary dance party into an unforgettable event. All you need to do is set the perfect scene for the occasion and use it smartly, as detailed here, to make different dance moves memorable. Get the required number of foam light sticks from PartyGlowz. Grab free shipping benefits with a bulk order. Also, find and redeem a discount coupon to reduce the overall bill. Act now.



Which Colors Are Suitable For the Dance Competitions I Want to Organize?

It depends on the event’s theme and your preferences. You are free to choose foam sticks in any color as required.


Can Individuals of All Ages Use Foam Light Sticks?

Yes, they can, as LED light up foam stick batons are made from high-quality materials and are lightweight.

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