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How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks In A Wedding Reception?

How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks In A Wedding Reception?

A wedding reception is an opportunity to observe your newlywed status with friends and family and bring life to it. It is all about relaxing, having fun, and creating unforgettable memories. That’s why event planners creatively use several wedding party supplies to excite the occasion. Out of different options, LED light up foam glow sticks stand out from the crowd. With their careful use, you can illuminate different aspects of the event and let people cheer up. Let’s discuss some thoughtful ways to use LED light up foam sticks at a wedding reception and how they can make a difference.


How To Use Light Up Foam Sticks In A Wedding Reception?


1. Welcome Guests In Style To The Wedding Party

Welcoming guests at the event helps create the first good impression and make them feel appreciated. To do so, take foam light up sticks of several colors and distribute them among guests once they enter the event location. It is a beautiful way to greet individuals at a mega event and let them feel entertained from the beginning. The vibrant illumination instantly catches people’s attention and surprises them.


2. Create Attractive Light Displays With Party Foam Sticks

Eye-catching light displays are a must at wedding receptions. They create a perfect environment for different rituals and elevate people’s moods. Ensure you have a sufficient number of party foam sticks and test different decor possibilities before the big day. It will help ensure optimal placement and brightness for the occasion. Here are some recommendations you must follow to create stunning light displays.


3. Integrate Foam Sticks With Beautiful Flowers

Event organizers wisely use flowers to enhance the decoration of the wedding reception and create a perfect environment for it. Make beautiful flower art and combine foam sticks with them. It will allow flowers to intertwine with the soft glow and create a magical ambiance.


4. Lighting Pathways

All important pathways in the wedding reception area must be well-illuminated as they guide guests and enable them to enjoy all entertaining events. Get the light up foam LED batons in different colors, put them into planters or vases, and illuminate all essential pathways. It will add a magical glow to your surroundings.


5. Use Foam Sticks With Gold Glitter Chandeliers

Hang gold glitter chandeliers from ceilings and arrange foam sticks of several colors in circular patterns. You can suspend the party supply above all important areas to create fantastic light displays and enhance the atmosphere.

Talk to a professional wedding planner and explore all possibilities of using LED foam glow sticks uniquely to create a mesmerizing and joyous lighting experience for the occasion.


6. Let People Cheer Up On the Dance Floor

Dance performances are quite common at wedding receptions as they thrill everyone. foam LED light sticks are the perfect medium to help everyone on the dance floor cheer up and have unforgettable fun. Switch off some lights on the dance floor, distribute the party supplies to everyone, play rock music, and make the most of the occasion. When waved in a pattern, the dynamic colors and patterns created by them enhance people’s excitement by leaps and bounds. Encourage guests to wave foam sticks in synchronization with music for unforgettable moments.


7. Use Foam Sticks As Prop

Professional photographers and guests click numerous photos to capture important wedding reception moments and save memories. They take pictures from multiple angles and settings to ensure all rituals are captured. Encourage guests to use LED foam glow sticks and get creative with their poses and expressions. This will help enhance the overall quality of the captured photos. Hold a light up foam stick in your hand and ask the photographer to click pictures while dancing, enjoying food and beverages, communicating with VIP guests, posing with friends and family members in an open environment, etc. You will have many pictures to share on social media and keep in photo frames.


8. Highlight Important Rituals

There are many essential rituals of the wedding reception in the USA, such as the first dance, cake cutting, throwing rice on newly married couples, etc. Depending on your requirements, you must use LED foam light up sticks for wedding reception to highlight all these essential moments throughout the reception. It will ensure that all activities are emotionally felt and visually remembered.


9. Decorate The Dining Table With Foam Sticks

Due to their vibrant and eye-catching illumination, foam sticks can be used as a table centerpiece. Depending on your preferences, put a table cover on the table and place some foam sticks to create a visually appealing focal point. Feel free to vertically place them in a vase to contribute to the overall aesthetics of the dining table. Adjust their flash mode per requirement to create a perfect ambiance.

Using foam sticks at wedding receptions opens up new possibilities to add excitement to the occasion and entertain everyone. You must experiment with different ideas and use the party supply in numerous ways, as outlined above. Place one or more orders for LED light up foam sticks on PartyGlowz, get the product shipped in a few days, and make your upcoming wedding reception stand out. Bulk orders come with free shipping benefits. Explore and redeem discount coupons to save even more. Act now!

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