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How To Throw An Exciting Columbus Day Party?

How To Throw An Exciting Columbus Day Party?

In the United States of America, Columbus Day is a holiday dedicated to the discovery of the country by the famous navigator Christopher Columbus in 1492. It began in the 19th century and received official recognition in 1937. He sailed from Spain to find a new sea route to India and landed on the "new world". On this day, public events are organized throughout the country—parades, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, and other recreational activities. In addition, people decorate their homes, rest, and have fun. So how do you host a thrilling Columbus Day party for all your loved ones? Just look at the below-mentioned recommendations and have a great time on this holiday.


How To Throw An Exciting Columbus Day Party?


Attend Columbus Day Parade

Attending the Columbus Day parade is one of the most entertaining ways to mark the occasion, be a part of the great occasion, and have fun with your loved ones. Check out processions in your nearest area and attend them. Dress yourself with patriotic themes and enhance your appearance with a stylish red white blue cowboy hat or other similar patriotic accessories that you deem suitable. In the parade, you will be able to meet multiple individuals and have fun together. Wave American flag to show your support for the occasion and patriotic values.


Invite Everyone For An Italian Feast

Are you mulling over inviting all your friends to a thrilling dining party on Columbus Day 2023? Then plan for the occasion as per your budget, available space, and total number of guests. First, decorate the event space and make it look magnificent. To start with, place patriotic cutout banner, red white and blue balloons, LED flameless colored candles, string lights, and other red white blue decorations indoors and outdoors as per your requirements. Perfectly coordinate them with the event’s theme and ensure that the house looks well decorated.

Set up the dining tables, put patriotic flag print tablecloths on them, and serve a wide variety of Italian foods and beverages. Include popular American foods and beverages too. Use patriotic paper banquet plates to offer any kind of food to guests at the dining table. Also, use patriotic napkins, cutlery set, and hand sanitizer dispenser to increase their dining experience.

Napkins help guests clean their hands after a meal. Cutlery let them enjoy various treats and food items in style. Hand sanitizers are quite helpful, as guests can clean their hands perfectly and maintain hygiene. Put all waste materials in the flings pop-up trash bin to keep the surroundings clean and let everyone enjoy the party.

You can delight your guests by serving them beers, wines, and cocktails in LED light up drinkware and barware. PartyGlowz has many offers for party decoration and transforming dining tables for different occasions. Just explore your favorite products and get them fast by placing an order in a few clicks. Guests will always remember the occasion for stunning decoration, a cozy environment, and unforgettable treats.


Visit Your Favorite City On Columbus Day 2023

Columbus Day is a popular event across the United States of America. So, it is a wonderful time to roam around with your loved ones and spend quality time together. Choose your favorite location and pay for a trip. New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver, and San Francisco are some popular places where Columbus Day is observed on a large scale. You will be able to meet many visitors, enjoy great moments, and return home with thrilling memories. Give patriotic water bottles to all individuals in your group so that they can keep themselves hydrated and enjoy the holiday. Keep dry fruits and snacks to satisfy your hunger as well.


Educate & Entertain Children

Educated children about Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day 2023. After all, everyone should know about the importance of the occasion. Providing more knowledge to children about the event increases their excitement, helps them understand America’s journey from the beginning to the modern era, and enhances their knowledge.

Once the storytelling session ends, give the children bubble toys for maximum enjoyment. They can release lots of bubbles in a few minutes and play around. Also, give them helium-filled balloons at the end of the party and ask to be released into the sky. Engage kids in DIY activities to keep them busy and host the part at the same time.


Music & Dance Party

If you are not planning to move out and have fun indoors, then organize a music and dance party and let everyone have unforgettable moments. Dim the main light, distribute LED accessories and light up foam sticks to all attendees, and invite them to show off their singing and dancing skills. Performing live on stage in front of the audience gives people exposure, lets them learn the art of public speaking, and lets them have fun.


Exchange Party Favors

Say Happy Columbus Day to everyone and offer them useful party favors. Party Glowz has a huge number of products that you can use as gifts for people of all ages. LED light up cowboy hats, braceletsnecklaces, light up rings, and other light up accessories are some highly sought-after gifts people buy for almost all occasions.

A good number of people in the United States are gearing up for Columbus Day 2023. It will be a wonderful time to meet and greet your loved ones, relax, and have fun. Follow the above-mentioned tips.

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When is Columbus Day 2023?

Mon, 9 Oct, 2023


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