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How To Commemorate Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day?

How To Commemorate Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day?

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is an important event in the United States of America. It is observed every year on December 7 to commemorate the surprise military attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Navy in 1941. On this day, we remember those who died in the attack; flags are lowered at half-mast everywhere; mourning ceremonies are held, and patriotic actions occur. Everyone needs to get all-inclusive knowledge about this incident and understand how to commemorate it effectively. Look at the following recommendations:


Important To Know About Pearl Harbor Day:

When is Pearl Harbor Day?

Thu, 7 Dec, 2023


What Happened in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941?

During the Second World War, on December 7, 1941, the Japanese Army attacked Pearl Harbor, the largest US Naval base in the Pacific, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, without declaring war. This surprise attack destroyed four battleships, a cruiser, two destroyers, several auxiliary vessels, and 100 aircraft.

Apart from this, approximately 3,500 American soldiers were martyred. Because of this attack, public opinion in the USA changed dramatically from an isolationist stand to a direct participant in hostilities. On December 8, the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and many other countries declared war on Japan. It led to the US's entry into World War 2.


How To Commemorate Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day?


How To Commemorate National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day?

1. Display American Flags On Pearl Harbor Day

On Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, you should proudly display the American flag outside your home, office, lawn, etc. Flying the flag at half mast symbolizes respect for the lives lost during the attack. It also displays your commitment to the ideas of freedom and democracy.


2. Visit Pearl Harbor If Possible

If you have resources and time, visit Pearl Harbor, where the attack occurred in 1941. It is the most effective way to remember the event and those martyred. On the island of Oahu, Hawaii, Pearl Harbor is home to different memorials, such as the USS Missouri and the USS Arizona Memorial. Keep patriotic water bottles, light snacks, and other essential items for a comfortable trip. These landmarks connect to the past, allowing you to feel the events unfolding. You should wear American flag bandanas, patriotic slap bracelets, and sunglasses to display patriotism.


3. Organize A Commemorative Event In Your Locality

You must host a National Pearl Harbor Day event at home to commemorate the heroes and remember this significant historical moment. Send invitations to guests and encourage them to attend the event in red, white, and blue attire. Decorate the event space using a God Bless America yard sign, patriotic balloons, patriotic burlap hanging fans, red white blue paper hanging lanterns, patriotic metallic stars, patriotic star chandeliers, cutout banners, pinwheels, LED candles, patriotic stars tinsel wreath, red white blue glow sticks, etc. Place them in different areas to create a patriotic environment and let people experience the vibe. Don’t forget to use patriotic theme tablecloth and red white blue centerpiece to decorate dining tables.

Give a warm welcome to all guests to the event and discuss what happened in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Invite Army veterans to such an event and request that they educate people about the Pearl Harbor incident. It will let individuals of the younger generation get all-inclusive knowledge about the incident and mark the occasion with due respect.

Play patriotic music and observe the movements of silence for all those who lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor attack. Put light snacks and treats on the dining table. Use patriotic tri-colors plates and plastic cups to make their dining experience smoother. At the end of the event, offer party favors to all attendees as a token of appreciation. light up patriotic cowboy hats, LED necklaces, red white blue light up gem rings, patriotic folded flag pins with card, etc.—there are many gift options on PartyGlowz. Check the available options and choose any patriotic theme products and gifts per your requirements.


4. Volunteer For The Veteran’s Organization

To honor the sacrifices made by brave American soldiers in World War II and observe the occasion with great respect, consider volunteering with veterans' organizations, collecting funds and other valuable goods from donors, and contributing them to Army veterinarians and their families. It is the best way to show respect to military personnel who risk their lives to protect the country whenever required. Offer bracelets to all donors as a medium of appreciation for their goodwill gesture.


5. Attend Memorial Services On The Pearl Harbor Day

It is one of the most traditional and meaningful ways to pay tribute to those soldiers who lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor attack. Remember, numerous cities across the United States of America host ceremonies and events on December 7, which include speeches by public figures, patriotic events, the laying of wreaths, and parades. Look for such an event in your locality, attend it, and demonstrate your respect for the country's heroes.

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is an important occasion for all American citizens. You must attend it every year on December 7th, learn the history, and pay homage to the brave soldiers. It helps show your respect for the nation and express gratitude for the freedom we have today. Follow the tips mentioned above to commemorate the occasion. Get the required patriotic party supplies and accessories from PartyGlowz in a few clicks. Place your order now and get its shipment soon at the specified address. You can enjoy free shipping perks with bulk orders. Don’t forget to grab free holiday discounts. Act now!

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