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FAQs - LED Foam Sticks

FAQs - LED Foam Sticks

What Are LED Foam Sticks?

Simply put, portable battery operated LED lights wrapped neatly by thick foam are known as LED foam sticks. These are also known as foam glow sticks as they illuminate and glow from within. You can buy these in various colors and size options from us and use them for events and occasions of your choice. The aesthetics and affordability make these light sticks appealing to the customers.


FAQs - LED Foam Sticks


How Do LED Foam Sticks Light Up?

Lighting a LED foam stick is no rocket science. A button is provided on the foam sticks which need to be pressed in order to illuminate the stick. These colorful flashing foam batons can then be used as cheer tubes for sporting events, as party favors for wedding parties, new year, dance party and more.


Has Anyone Purchased Foam Glow Sticks For Their Wedding?

Yes, high quality glow wands and glow batons are popular during weddings. They can be used in normal as well as personalized format. The LED light stick batons can be used by guests while the bride walks down the aisle or when the marriage is officiated. The guests can wave these multi-color foam sticks and make a beautiful spectacle which would be cherished by the couple. The names and date of the wedding can be printed on the sticks and these can even be distributed as wedding favors.


What Are The Various Lighting Modes Of Light Up Foam Sticks?

Flash, blink and steady light are the three different lighting modes which get changed with the same button. The colorful flashing looks amazing and can be used to grab attention. Blinking LED foam sticks can be used in carnivals and music concerts. Steady light can be opted for when the sticks are being used as party decorations. You can purchase these in bulk in order to create a party pack which can be reused time and again.


How Long Do Foam Light Sticks Typically Last?

These foam light sticks are powered by batteries so the operational lifetime depends upon the life of the batteries which can be replaced with the new ones when exhausted. Light up your birthday party, Halloween decor, Christmas setup, rave party and more with these color changing glow sticks.


Where Can I Buy Bulk LED Glow Sticks For A Party?

LED glow sticks party packs are available online at Party Glowz website. The prices are slashed for bulk orders along with free shipping. Most products can be bought through expedited delivery options which is an add on to the already available perks.


Are Foam Light Up Sticks Reusable?

Yes, make foam light up sticks bulk purchase as they are reusable. You can use them as party decor or to make DIY light up toys for kids. The fun and innovation would never end with these LED glow foam sticks.


Can Foam Glow Sticks Be Customized For A Party Or Event?

Personalization is available in case of foam sticks with few easy steps and at affordable prices. The turnaround time is less which means you can receive the personalized foam glow sticks within a matter of days in the quantity of your choice. These can be customized for a wedding birthday or any other event of your choice.

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