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Why To Choose Body Light Pins For Christmas?

Why To Choose Body Light Pins For Christmas?

Are you aware of amazing Christmas Accessories which are suitable for one and all? Yes, we are talking about the one and only lapel pins which are premium in quality and suitable for Christmas parties. You can choose from a variety of designs as per your liking and they instantly light up your attire. Lighted Christmas lapel pins are very popular among the folks who do not like to dress up too much for the holiday parties. They make for amazing party favors for kids as well as adults. If you are still sitting on the fence about the use of the pins then have a look at the following traits which make these pins a perfect buy. 


Why To Choose Body Light Pins For Christmas

7 Perks Of Using Lapel Pins For Christmas

Light In Weight

You would not even feel that you are wearing it. The Flashy Blinky Lights lapel pins come in small sizes so the pins do not have a lot of weight. They can easily be bulk packed and carried as per the requirement of the user.

Easy To Wear On Various Fabrics

The Body Pins can be used on any kind of fabric as they can be put without damaging the fabric. They work well on woolens, jackets, cotton, satin and more. The fine grip keeps the body light pins for Christmas in place without weighing down the fabric.

Kids Friendly 

If your kids do not like accessories like headband and bracelets then simply put these on their clothes. It would not feel heavy or itchy like other accessories and they would be able to carry these for hours.

Adult Friendly

Do not go through the hassle of wearing a Santa costume when you can simply use the Santa lapel pin to be one. You can simply wear these to Christmas parties for that minimalistic look for the parties. You can wear these indoors as well as outdoors without any issue.


The enamel lapel pins are made of high quality metal which makes them durable. They can be used over and over again without any issue. 


The more you buy, the lesser price you will have to pay for the lighted Christmas lapel pins. They come at affordable prices which is amazing and you can buy them without digging a hole in your pocket. The lapel pins should be bought in bulk to avail the lowest possible price. 

LED Light Up Feature

The LED Pins light up with the press of a button as they have multiple LED lights on them. The lights illuminate in various modes like flashing, blinking and steady on. Light up Christmas lapel pins in vibrant colors can be used on any kind of costume or outfit.

5 Popular Designs Of Christmas Lapel Pins


The Christmas lapel pins with snowmen on them come in vibrant colors and LED lights. Snowman Christmas Lights Flashing Body Light Lapel Pin has a safety pin clasp type and 5 LED lights which are powered by 2 CR927 replaceable batteries. 


Snowman Christmas Lights Flashing Body Light Lapel Pin



The Reindeer Lapel Pins come with a cute reindeer with LED flashing lights on it. The pin comes in an assorted pack along with other Christmas lapel pins.


LED Flashing Reindeer Lapel Pins




These are available in multiple designs and you can buy these without as per your liking. The LED lights enhance the aesthetics of the santa lapel pin and is powered by replaceable batteries which come included in the package. 


Santa Lapel Pin


Christmas Martini

The Christmas martini lapel pin features a candy cane stirrer and 4 LED flashing lights in green, red and white color. You can buy these in bulk to avail the best price and wear these to any indoor and outdoor Christmas party.


Christmas Martini Lapel Pin

Christmas Tree 

This design remains the most bought among all the lighted Christmas Tree Lapel Pin. If you love the Christmas tree then wear this to the next event you go to. 


Christmas Martini Lapel Pin


Enjoy wearing the most amazing LED Body Lights pins for Christmas. You can buy these without any hassle and light them up with the press of a button. Happy shopping with us!

  • Sep 08, 2022
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