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What To Expect From Cyber Monday Vs. Black Friday Face-Off?

What To Expect From Cyber Monday Vs. Black Friday Face-Off?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two most anticipated shopping days in the United States of America. All small, medium, and large enterprises and retailers offer huge discounts on popular items on these two days to encourage the maximum number of shoppers to make back-to-back transactions and save big. As the holiday shopping season has arrived in the country, the debate of Cyber Monday versus Black Friday has intensified. Many people are mulling over which one—Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale—is best for shopping. What are strategies must they adopt to get the maximum discount and exclusive offers? Let's discuss all these and what one can expect from Cyber Monday and Black Friday in 2024.


When Is Black Friday And Cyber Monday In 2024?

Black Friday- 29 Nov, 2024
Cyber Monday- 2 Dec, 2024


What To Expect From Cyber Monday Vs. Black Friday Face-Off?


What Is The Basic Difference Between Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale?

Black Friday sale is an ideal shopping event for all those individuals who prefer moving out of their houses, visiting famous malls and shopping centers, looking for available deals and discount offers on multiple products, and then making transactions. It's for those who prefer offline shopping. On the other hand, Cyber Monday sale enables individuals to purchase expensive goods digitally and enjoy massive discounts.

Over the years, for many individuals, shopping on Black Friday sale has just been like a tough battle to win. They don't want to rush to the nearest shopping centers and face the inconvenience caused by heavy crowds, traffic jams, too much commotion, and uproar during product-buying. Therefore, they prefer Cyber Monday deals shopping for the desired commodities.


Good News!

PartyGlowz is always available to everyone, just a few clicks away. So, you can go on a shopping spree on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, look for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to shop more and grab maximum discounts. Use promo code BFCM10 to get a flat 10% off on all products.and place your orders instantly from the comfort of your home or any location.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Statistics For 2023

Key Insights                                   

Black Friday 2023              

Cyber Monday 2023

Total Sales

$9.8 billion

$12.4 billion

Total U.S. People                   

196.7 million

132 million


Based on the data, we predict many shoppers will go on a shopping spree on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale and make more transactions.


How Do You Get The Maximum Discounts And Exclusive Deals On Black Friday And Cyber Monday?

Intelligent shopping strategies are required to get high-value products on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale at discounted prices and make the most of the available deals. If you are an event planner looking for expensive party supplies for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or other important occasions, PartyGlowz has many things to offer. Just subscribe to our email newsletter, read the latest blogs, and follow us on social media. You will get lots of offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Go through those offers with high priority and list the party products you want to buy these for upcoming parties and events.


What Should I Buy With Black Friday And Cyber Monday 2024 Deals?

As events and parties keep taking place in our everyday lives, you can place orders for all the required stuff that can help make an event unforgettable and thrilling. It may include glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow in the dark bracelets, glow drinkware and barware, LED light up jewelry, LED light up hats, LED glow foam sticks, personalized party products, etc. Plan for the shopping event and shop as much as you can.


What Are the Advantages Of Buying Party Supplies From PartyGlowz On Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale?

PartyGlowz is the best place to make the most of holiday sales and shop a wide range of party essentials at record-low prices. Place bulk orders on these two mega shopping sale and get flat 10% deductions on shopping bills (Promo code BFCM10). Plus, you don’t have to pay any shipping charges. Same-day shipment of purchased items is also helpful.

The debate of Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday intensifies every year when the shopping season starts, and most shoppers remain confused about which shopping event is perfect for them. Want to buy lots of holiday, event and party supplies like light up stuff and  glow party supplies, etc. at low prices? Be active on these two days and place your orders for desired products on PartyGlowz with a few clicks. Your order will be processed quickly and shipped the same day, enabling you to organize all important events conveniently and make them memorable.

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