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Valentine’s Day Fun Facts You Must Know!

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts You Must Know!

Valentine’s Day is observed worldwide on February 14 by couples. They express their love, share stylish Valentine’s Day gifts, enjoy romantic dinners together and indulge in several activities for unforgettable experiences. As Valentine’s Day 2024 is around the corner, couples across the globe are preparing for it. Most associate it with chocolates, red roses, and heart-shaped cards. But there are many lesser-known facts about it. So, let’s look at some fun facts about Valentine's Day that might surprise you.


Valentine’s Day Fun Facts You Must Know!


1. Valentine's Day Has Mysterious Origin

You must remember that the origins of Valentine's Day are not crystal clear. People give many narratives when they talk about where and how it started. One theory suggests it started with the Roman festival Lupercalia, observed in mid-February. Another narrative associates it with the martyrdom of St. Valentine, a priest who refused to abide by Emperor Claudius’s ban on marriages for young soldiers. The absence of a single origin story makes Valentine's Day more mysterious.


2. Valentine's Day Has Many Symbols

In the modern era, many things display the spirit of Valentine's Day, such as hearts, droves and cupids. But remember that the shape of the heart was not always associated with love. Many people believe that it originated from the shape of silphium seeds, an ancient contraceptive plant used in the Roman era. Cupid, the god of love, comes from Roman mythology. When it comes to doves, they have been symbols of peace and love in different cultures throughout history.


3. Richard Cadbury Introduced Valentine’s Day Chocolates

On Valentine's Day, love birds give chocolates to each other as an expression of love. But only a few are familiar with the historical connection between chocolate and romance. Remember that Richard Cadbury, the British chocolate manufacturer, introduced heart-shaped chocolates for sale on Valentine's Day. This contributed to the tradition of exchanging sweets on this romantic day.


4. Valentine's Day Colors Have Different Meanings

Red, pink, and white are colors for Valentine's Day. Red stands for love, passion, and desire. White represents commitment and purity and is associated with long-lasting love. Pink signifies love and innocence. These colors are extensively used in Valentine's Day decorations, gifts, and cards to express different aspects of the romantic relationship and give loved ones unforgettable experiences. PartyGlowz offers a considerable number of products in these colors. So, get the required Valentine's Day supplies and add excitement to 2024 Valentine's Day.


5. Couples Exchange Valentine’s Day Gifts

On February 14, couples exchange gifts with each other to express love and signify the importance of their relationship. While traditional gift options are still prevalent, many lovebirds now opt for small, stylish gifts for their partners. Party Glowz is a leading supplier of famous Valentine's Day gifts with attractive design patterns, excellent durability, and ease of use. Explore gift options on the site, choose the best one, and delight your love on 2024 Valentine’s Day.


6. Valentine’s Day Weddings Are Becoming A Trend

The trend of Valentine’s Day weddings has become popular in recent years in the USA and elsewhere in the world. Couples who are deeply in love choose February 14 to marry. It adds an extra layer of romance and excitement to the holiday. If you plan to marry your love at the upcoming Valentine's Day celebration, prepare early and get the required Weddings party supplies as soon as possible.


7. Some Couples Engage In Volunteering

Although Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday for love birthdays, many couples volunteer to serve needy people and add a meaningful twist to the celebration. Offering food to homeless and poor people, raising funds for NGOs working for good causes, and sharing gifts with the less fortunate can make your romantic date excellent and fruitful.


8. Individuals Spend A Lot of Money On Valentine's Day

In 2023, individuals in the United States of America spent $25.9 billion during Valentine's Day. The lion’s share of the money was used to purchase the themed gifts. It is expected to grow this year. So it ranks as one of the top spending holidays apart from Christmas, Mother’s Day, and New Year’s Eve.

Valentine's Day has become a global celebration as many couples living in different countries observe it every year on the 14th of February. A celebration of love has many traditions. Everyone should be aware of these fun facts about the holiday. Get Valentine’s Day accessories and party supplies from PartyGlowz and excite the romantic date. Place a bulk order and receive free shipping benefits. Find and redeem a discount coupon to reduce your shopping bill remarkably!

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