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Unique Features of Light Up Purple Neon Iridescent Space Cowboy Hat!

Unique Features of Light Up Purple Neon Iridescent Space Cowboy Hat!

The word cowboy or cowgirl portrays a sense of power and pride. If you are throwing a cowboy or cowgirl theme party then you need the right kind of accessories which make you feel powerful and stylish. Cowboy hats were earlier used to protect the ranchers from extreme weather conditions. However, with the advent of new designs and material, its purpose of use has changed. People love to throw cowboy theme parties where everyone is dressed as a cowboy or a cowgirl. You can avail the best price if you make purchases now for the Light Up Purple Neon Iridescent Space Cowboy Hats as the mega sale is going on. 


Unique Features of Light Up Purple Neon Iridescent Space Cowboy Hat!


Explore the numerous features of the hat which are going to blow away your mind. The hat has been designed to look good on one and all. You can wear these with any kind of outfit during the day as well as night. The light up features help you grab a lot of attention and make you stand out without doing much. The neon finish and luminous material has an amazing sheen to it which highlights even more at night. Let’s explore what makes this Purple Light Up Cowboy Hat stand out from the rest:      

Illuminating Brim 

Light up purple neon iridescent space cowboy hat has an illuminating brim as LED lights are fixed on it. The lights can be turned on with the press of a button which is placed inside at the back of the hat. The purple color is eye-catching and goes with any neutral or dark colored outfit.  

Various Lighting Modes 

The lights on the hat illuminate in three different lighting modes by pressing the same button. The three modes are - Flash, blink and steady light. During flash mode, the lights flashes time and again. During blink mode, it blinks quickly and looks amazing. In steady light, it remains continuously on. 

Three Color Options

Purple is the most eye-catching and unique color however you can choose from pink and green as well. Light Up Pink and Light Up Green Neon Iridescent Space Cowboy Hat also come with the same features and dimensions.

Battery Operated

2 CR2032 batteries are used to illuminate the hat brightly for hours in one go. Light up purple neon iridescent space cowboy hats can easily stay continuously lit for the entire night due to the battery power. The batteries are packed in a small case provided inside the hat which makes it safe, durable and long lasting. 

Replaceable Batteries

The batteries are replaceable in the hat which ensures that once the batteries get exhausted after use, you can simply change them and the hat would illuminate as a brand new one. This feature makes the hat a durable and long lasting accessory which you can use over and over again. 

Varied Pack Sizes

The hats are available in varied pack sizes of one, two, three, four and twelve. You can easily choose from these to pay the best price for the hats and other items in your cart. You can check out very valuable Pack of 12 Purple Light Up Neon Iridescent Space Cowboy Hats.


Pack of 12 Purple Light Up Neon Iridescent Space Cowboy Hats


Avail the mega sale offers which are going to last for a limited time. Do not miss the steal deal as these hats are not going to be available at these prices ever again. Hurry!

  • Aug 09, 2022
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