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5 Unique & Exciting Ways To Use Light Up Foam Stick Batons!

5 Unique & Exciting Ways To Use Light Up Foam Stick Batons!

There are light up glow cheer products in the market which can be used for a variety of purposes and are amazing to look at. Do not invest in expensive products as the trends keep on changing and you would also get bored. Buy exciting items like foam stick batons which are high in quality, trendy and multi purpose. They are cost effective to not dig a hole in your pocket, durable so they last for a long time and colorful as well as bright to grab attention even in a crowded space.

What are LED Foam Sticks, and How Do I Use Them?

LED foam sticks are made of high quality foam wrapped around LED lights of various colors. The LED lights can toggle between various modes simply with a press of a button. The foam stick comes in the shape of a wand which can be held very easily. There even comes exciting imprints on the Light Up Foam Sticks in various colors so you can use them in various ways. Let's explore some of the most exciting and unique ways to use light up glow foam stick batons are mentioned below:   


5 Unique & Exciting Ways To Use Light Up Foam Stick Batons!

Cheer A Team!

Are you finding the right product for cheering your team in soccer, basketball or any other sports? Does your child participate in school competitions often? Then, LED Light Up Go Team Foam Stick is for you. You can cheer a team with this green foam baton which is aesthetically appealing and exciting. The “Go Team” foam stick can be your go to for any event.  


LED Light Up Go Team Foam Stick


Play A Prank On A Friend!

If you want to have fun at home and would like to play a prank on a friend then you can buy the foam wand with ghost faces and LED Light Up Skulls & Bones Foam Stick. These are spooky and comes in various bright colors like blue, red, green and white. Your kids can even carry this with them for their next trick or treat session. So, the ghost foam stick can be used by kids as well as adults.  


LED Light Up Skulls & Bones Foam Stick


Mark The Territory!

The flag markers with foam stick is amazing and you can use them to mark a territory on ground for a party, race, night sports and more. They are easy to light up and comes with spiky ends which are easy to insert in the ground. You can mark the territory anywhere with the flag markers which has yellow flag and multi colored flag stick which turns on with the press of a button.     


Enjoy Festivals With Loved Ones!

The printed foam sticks come with various imprints which make them suitable for various festivals like Mardi Gras, Valentines, Christmas, New year’s, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving and more. You can use these foam sticks in various ways during these festivals to create a happy and festive vibe. These colorful  Foam Sticks come in various lengths and you can buy them in the pack size which is convenient to you.   


Light up Foam Sticks


How About Showing Some Patriotism?

If you are looking for amazing light up glowing accessories to carry for Memorial Day and 4th Of July celebrations then grab LED American Flag Print Foam Stick. They come with a flag printed on them or with tri-color LED pattern which illuminates with the press of a button. 


LED American Flag Print Foam Stick


Express Love To Your Special Someone! 

The heart topper foam wands can be used as accessories and decor pieces for the valentines day. You can buy the red heart topper light up foam stick and Sound Activated Foam Stick Baton in bulk and decorate the entire space for an amazing valentines day party. 


LED Light Up Sound Activated Foam Stick Baton - Multicolor

Explore all the various types of LED Light Up Foam Sticks and use them however you like without having to go anywhere at huge discounts which increase with the increase in volume. Hurry and avail the amazing offers now!


  • Sep 13, 2022
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