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4 Types Of Lapel Pins For Patriotic Events In The US!

4 Types Of Lapel Pins For Patriotic Events In The US!

Lapel pins have been there since a long time and you can get your hands on high quality and durable pins for so many events. The pins can be used for a lot of purposes however you can use them in various events. The pins are available in so many different shapes, sizes, colors and formats. The LED Body Lights are trending and are used by kids as well as adults. The LED lights on the pin illuminate with the press of a button. 

The LED Pin Body Light is amazing in every way and you can buy them for a lot of purposes. The body lights are easy to put and remove. They can be put anywhere on the body making you look trendy and stylish. You can use these pins on any kind of fabric and these are super safe to wear by kids as well as adults. If you are going to patriotic events for memorial day, 4th of July, veterans day and more then instead of going extra with accessories, you can simply wear a lapel pin. There are so many options in the patriotic versions as you can find them in different shapes and sizes. Let's explore:


4 Types Of Lapel Pins For Patriotic Events In The US!


Where Is The Lapel Pin Used?

Lapel pins have been used for numerous purposes for a very long time. You can use these for any kind of event. These can be made in any shape and color which makes them super versatile to use. Star, heart, flower, guitar, bird, ball, cards, bulb, shark, margarita, etc are some of the shapes in which these lapel pins are available. You can use them to go to a theme park, a musical fest, carnival, to show your support to a cause and even to show patriotism. Explore the wide variety of LED Lapel Pins and use them however you like. 

How Can You Wear A Lapel Pin?

If you are wearing the lapel pins casually then you can wear them anywhere as there is no set rule to it. However, for a formal event the lapel pin must be worn near your pocket. If you are wearing a shirt then the lapel pin must go on top of the shirt’s pocket. In the case of a blazer, gauge where your pocket is underneath and put the lapel pin on the same spot over the blazer. In case you are wearing a tie, simply put the lapel pin on the tie adjacent to the pocket.  

Types Of Body Light Lapel Pins

There are so many types and styles which you can explore in lapel pins. Blinking body lapel pins have LED lights in them which light up with the press of a button. The light illuminates in different modes which like flash, blink and steady light. The Pin LED Lights come in various colors and you can choose the design as per your liking. If you are going to a patriotic event then you can choose from the following shapes of lapel pins. Let's explore:


If you wish to show patriotism then wear USA flag lapel pin with LED flashing lights. It has three white bright LED lights which illuminate with the press of a button. You can put this on your shirt, bag or anywhere else. 


USA Flag Lapel Pin


The  is cute and perfect for a patriotic musical evening. The guitar lapel pin has a print of the US flag along with three LED lights which illuminate in various lighting modes. These are perfect for every celebratory occasion in the US.


Guitar Shaped Lapel Pin



If your heart goes out for your nation then flashing heart lapel pin with the print of the US flag is just for you. You can buy them in various numbers and distribute them among friends and family. Simply press a button to illuminate your lapel pin in various lighting modes.    


Heart Lapel Pin



It's a classic lapel pin shape and the flag print looks amazing on top. You can wear star lapel pin throughout the day and simply turn on the flashing LED light to make it suitable for night time. 


Star Lapel Pin


Try these subtle and amazing Blinkies Lights body lapel pins in various shapes, formats, sizes and colors. They are easy to put as well as remove. You can buy these in high numbers in order to avail the maximum discounts. Hurry now!

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