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Top 6 Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Top 6 Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that children look forward to all year and are very excited about. On this occasion, literally, they don't have anything to do. So parents need to keep their children busy and entertained while taking care of their responsibilities for the successful organization of the event. That's why we have come up with amazing Thanksgiving activities for kids that will keep them busy, allow them to enjoy the holiday to the fullest, and bring smiles to their faces.


Top 6 Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids


1. Organize A Pie Eating Contest On Thanksgiving 2023

Organizing a pie-eating contest is one of the most entertaining ways to keep children engaged throughout the Thanksgiving party and make them feel valued. Choose a kid-friendly area at the event location, set up a comfortable dining table, cover it with party tablecloths, put the pie on fall Thanksgiving plates, divide all children into different groups, and encourage them to eat a certain amount of pie before others in a set time limit. They would love to participate in this game and have lots of fun. Give useful Thanksgiving gifts to the winner to increase the overall excitement among little hearts.


2. Trigger Kid’s Creativity With Thanksgiving Coloring

Children love coloring different characters, animals, homes, creatures, etc. This activity fills them with excitement and happiness. Therefore, you should engage them in Thanksgiving coloring activities to keep them busy throughout the event. Take Thanksgiving color in table covers, provide children with crayons, colored pencils, or markers, and instruct them to decorate Thanksgiving characters carefully. You can use these table covers to decorate the dining table and impress guests. Alternatively, you can also take Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages for the same purpose.


3. Keep Children Busy With Thanksgiving Craft

If you are looking for Thanksgiving craft ideas that you can use to keep children busy, PartyGlowz offers numerous options, such as the standing turkey craft kit, turkey craft kit, harvest blessings sign craft kit, etc. Get these party supplies in sufficient numbers, provide full information to kids about them, and encourage them to use their creativity and create amazing Thanksgiving-inspired crafts. You can use them for Thanksgiving decorations and transform the event location to a great extent. These DIY activities will let children have fun while they craft useful Thanksgiving characters.


4. Let Kids Release Balloons In The Sky

Event organizers extensively use balloons for Thanksgiving decorations. Many of them prefer helium to inflate balloons. Once the event is over, gather kids in an open area, give helium-inflated balloons to everyone, and ask them to release them in the sky at the same time. It will give them lots of happiness and enjoyment. It will be helpful if you supervise kids' activities and provide them with a helping hand when they release balloons into the sky.


5. Host Kid’s Dance Parties On Thanksgiving Day

Nowadays, kids love to dance solo or in groups to rock music and have fun. So organizing a kid's dance party on Thanksgiving Day will take their excitement to new heights and let them display their amazing dancing moves. Choose a perfect area at the event location for dancing, play kid-friendly rock music or songs, give them some useful LED light up accessories such as LED cowboy hats, bracelets, and light up rings of different colors, dim the main lights, and let kids dance as long as they want. These accessories will attract your attention as they illuminate and make kid’s dance, a must-watch activity for people of all ages.


6. Host A Cowboy Hat Decoration Contest

Just like adults, light up cowboy hats are popular among children. Not only can they use such LED hats to enhance their look but also to play the game and have ultimate fun during the event. All you need to do is get the required cowboy hats in multiple colors, give them to all the children present at the Thanksgiving party, and ask them to decorate them using beautiful flowers, ribbons, feathers, etc. Once they decorate the hat, ask them to wear it, attend a hat parade, and show their moves. This will entertain kids and let them get along with their competitors. Appreciate the winner and announce small Thanksgiving gifts for him or her.

An overwhelming number of children attend Thanksgiving parties and look for creative activities that can give them thrills, fun, and entertainment. While planning a Thanksgiving gathering, create a list of useful activities for kids also, as explained above. They will have many interesting things to do during the event, engage with other kids, and return home with pleasant memories.


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When is Thanksgiving in 2023?

November 23, 2023


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