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Top 7 Fun Facts About Easter That Will Surprise You

Top 7 Fun Facts About Easter That Will Surprise You

Every year, an overwhelming number of people across the globe observe Easter. It’s a time for loved ones to spend quality time with each other, enjoy delicious meals and beverages, share Easter gifts, click memorable pictures, and have fun. However, there are plenty of fun facts about Easter they are unfamiliar with. We have shared a list of the top 7 fun Easter facts that will surprise you. Let’s see them.


When Is Easter In 2024?

Mar 31, 2024


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Top 7 Fun Facts About Easter That Will Surprise You


Fun Facts About Easter:

1. Easter Has A Rich History

Generally, people know Easter is a Christian holiday commemorating Jesus Christ's resurrection. However, its roots date back to pre-Christmas traditions. First, the name "Easter" comes from Eostre, a primitive Germanic goddess of spring and fertility. In the early days, Christians incorporated the elements of pagan spring festivals into their celebrations. They mixed old and new customs to create today's modern Easter holiday.


2. The Easter Date Changes Every Year

Every holiday has a fixed date, such as Christmas (December 25) and New Year’s Eve (December 31). But you will be surprised to know that Easter dates change every year. The reason is that the holiday is based on the lunar calendar, especially the first Sunday after the full moon following the vernal equinox. It means that Easter can take place anywhere between March 22 and April 25. This complexity of determining the Easter date encouraged Pope Gregory XIII (in 1952) to devise a refined method to calculate the Easter date.


3. Easter Has Many Traditions Related To Eggs

We can’t imagine Easter without the inclusion of eggs. There are many egg-related activities people love to engage in, such as egg hunts, egg decorations, egg-tapping contests, etc. Always keep in mind that the tradition of decorating eggs predates Christianity. Since ancient times, it has been a symbol of rebirth and new life in several cultures. Party Glowz provides Easter plastic eggs and glow in the dark eggs. Get them in the required numbers and engage in different egg-related activities to entertain guests and make Easter 2024 unforgettable.


4. Easter Parades Are Very Old

A large number of people attend Easter parades every year and have fun. It should be noted that it has been a popular tradition in different geographical regions. Individuals wear the themed clothes and accessories while attending the parade and having fun. New York is famous for spectacular Easter parades. Get the required Easter accessories from PartyGlowz, incorporate them with your favorite attire, and stand out from the crowd at the gathering.


5. Easter Bunny Has An Interesting Story

Remember, the association of rabbits with Easter dates back to German folklore. It was believed that the Easter Bunny used to bring eggs to children as gifts during the holiday. It has evolved into the modern-day custom of the Easter Bunny, in which people offer chocolate eggs and treats to children on Easter morning. You can make upcoming Easter memorable for children by offering attractive Easter bunny gifts such as light up bunny ears, LED light up starlight Easter bunny ears bendable headbands, plush bunny noses, and bunny light up bouncy balls. They let kids have the perfect Easter bunny look, play Easter games and have fun.


6. Many Countries Observe Easter Monday

Although Easter Sunday is a prominent celebration, many people in different countries observe Easter Monday as a public holiday and have fun. Usually, they rest, meet with beloved friends or family members, and engage in outdoor activities. It allows them to extend the Easter holidays and have more fun.


7. Individuals Create Easter Baskets For Loved Ones

Sharing Easter gifts with loved ones is a common practice during Easter. Many love making Easter baskets for kids, teens, and adults and exchanging them during the holiday. Apart from adding traditional Easter treats and gifts, you should also add some stylish Easter gifts to the gift bucket that PartyGlowz offers. This will make your Easter gift bucket stand out from the crowd and delight recipients. You can choose stylish Easter basket gifts as per your choice.

Easter is a popular celebration with a rich history and tradition. Knowing these amazing and fun facts will excite people for Easter gatherings. So, gear up for Easter 2024 and make all the necessary preparations for an unforgettable holiday. Happy Easter 2024 to all!

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