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Top 7 Fascinating Facts About Halloween

Top 7 Fascinating Facts About Halloween

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the United States of America and elsewhere in the world. Every year, on the 31st of October, an overwhelming number of individuals organize Halloween parties, invite individuals to the event, decorate their homes, have spooky fun in multiple ways, and exchange Halloween party favors with their close friends and family. But only a few of them have in-depth knowledge about Halloween. Therefore, we have collected some exciting facts about this holiday that everyone must know.


Top 7 Fascinating Facts About Halloween


1. Halloween Dates Back More Than 2000 Years

You will be surprised to know that Halloween begins with a pre-Christian Celtic event called Samhain (the end of summer), which is held around the beginning of November. It marks the last day of the harvest and the passage of spirits to the other world. On Sahmin, individuals in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and northern France drove away ghosts by lighting sacrificial bonfires and wearing frightening costumes.


2. Immigrants Helped Popularized Halloween In The USA

Right from the beginning, the United States of America has been one of the most attractive destinations for immigrants all across the globe. When the Irish left their country overseas in the 1840s, they brought their own Halloween traditions to this country. By the 20s of the 12th century, the number of evil jokes on Halloween had reached a record level. Nowadays, there are many Halloween events in the United States of America with different traditions and variations. If you love Halloween and its spooky activities, learn about various pirate theme parties on Halloween and attend them for unforgettable experiences.


3. Halloween is An Expensive Event

It is believed that approximately 140 million Americans celebrate Halloween every year and spend a lot of money on different types of Halloween parties, costumes, gifts, accessories, decorations, and party supplies. Ten billion dollars are spent on Halloween events in the US. They spend around $100 per person on Halloween. If you want to host a Halloween party for your friends and family and seek a trustworthy source to get high-quality Halloween party supplies and accessories, PartyGlowz always leads from the front.

You will find many Halloween costume & party supplies that will help you organize a successful Halloween party with great convenience. It offers free shipping facilities on bulk orders and festive discounts. You just have to determine your requirements for the occasion and place an order on the platform. The purchased product is immediately dispatched to the specified address.


4. A Halloween Party is The Meeting of Witches

On Halloween, the more frightful you are, the better it is. So, all individuals planning to attend Halloween parties, parades, and processions take all possible measures to transform their look and have a frightful appearance as far as possible. You should adequately use Halloween costumes, makeup, and accessories to stand out from the crowd and have spooky fun. PartyGlowz offers numerous Halloween accessories that you can use to glamorize your appearance during Halloween. LED light up flashing colorful cowboy hats, LED face masks, glow in the dark necklaces, glow bracelets, etc.—there are many accessories that you can use as per your requirements.


5. Orange And Black Are Halloween Colors

When it comes to Halloween decorations, costumes, party supplies, and accessories, you will see two colors everywhere: orange and black. You must never forget that these two colors are different. Black denotes darkness and death. And orange is considered the vibration of life. So, while throwing Halloween parties, consider combining these two colors to make a long-lasting impression on individuals and let people have spooky fun back-to-back. Don't hesitate to take the help of professional event planners to organize the Halloween party successfully.


6. Halloween Has Gone Global

While Halloween is mainly observed in the United States of America and some other Western countries, little by little, it is spreading to other parts of the world. Now, it is a global event with the vast participation of individuals of different ages. For example, you can visit Mexico during Halloween and attend “Day of the Dead," the Mexican version of the occasion. It is a colorful tribute to deceased people. Such an event features marigold flowers, sugar skulls, elaborate altars, and other elements of Halloween decorations.


7. Anoka Is The Halloween Capital of The World

You will be happy to know that Anoka, a city in Minnesota, is the Halloween capital of the world. The city hosted one of the first Halloween parades in 1920. So, if you are curiously waiting for Halloween 2023 and mulling over to do something extraordinary, visit the city with your friends and family. Everyone will have numerous opportunities to enjoy spooky fun in the town.

Halloween is one of the most-loved and highly anticipated holidays in the United States of America and elsewhere in the world. It has a rich cultural and historical background, which has captivated people for a long time. Halloween has something for everyone, from kids to adults. You must know these interesting facts about Halloween and enjoy the party enthusiastically.



When is Halloween 2023?

Tue, 31 Oct, 2023


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