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8 Reasons To Buy Light Swords For Kids

8 Reasons To Buy Light Swords For Kids

LED light swords are the best toy for kids which you can buy online without any hassle. Kids love to play with these ninja swords with pixels. These Lightsabers LED swords come with so many exciting features which are not just amazing but contain so many features.


8 Reasons To Buy Light Swords For Kids


Explore Features Of Lightsaber Swords


The Light Up Lightsaber toy is expandable and double blade with color changing features. Check out darth vader swords which come with color changing features. Light up swords come with the color changing LED lights which glow which illuminates in the expanded sword. The metal hilt of the sword makes it easy to hold and play with.


Multiple Light Up Modes

The LED lights of the sword illuminate in three different light modes - flash, blink and steady lights. You can change the modes while playing so you get the best effect which is realistic to the blow of the sword. The Glow Sword toys like the laser sword, pixel sword, Lightsaber Sword and more are loved by kids. You can choose from the rgb led lights to illuminate the flashing light with the press of a button.


Battery Operated

All the LED Lightsaber swords contain batteries to power them. The batteries come included in the package and can be changed easily with the new ones when exhausted. These deluxe quality toys are best sellers due to this feature as it makes them durable and long lasting.


Sound Effects

The energy sword gives you an effect of a heavy dueling due to the realistic sound effects which come out of the sword with the press of a button. You can choose from a slit sound to a blaster sound depending upon your move. Kids love to play with the expandable Light Sword throughout the year. Some swords even come with fx sound which means that the sound is created by motion of the sword. The force fx feature is incorporated in the swords.


Non Toxic

The LED lights are placed inside the sword and unlike glow sticks it does not contain any chemicals. You can be a pirate, jedi or a fighter while playing with this safe, durable and non toxic sword.


No Sharp Edges

The red LED Swords and other multicolor swords do not have any sharp edges. The designs, lights and sound make you feel like you are using a star wars lightsaber. You can easily use these to return birthday party favors or for Halloween giveaways.


LED Light Up Swords


Return Party Favor

Kids have so many playdates and parties with their friends throughout the year so you need items and toys which can be distributed among the kids for them to use with their friends. Light dueling can be encouraged between kids and they can play with these light and sound toys for hours in one go.



You can grab coupon codes at the checkout page along with volatile pricing as per the quantity purchased on our website. All this makes the Light Up Swords affordable and not heavy on the pocket.

  • Jan 13, 2023
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