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Party Glowz Best Sellers - Best Flameless Candles

Party Glowz Best Sellers - Best Flameless Candles

Candles make for one of the most romantic and popular decorative item. However, the setup does not always allow to keep the real wax candles and tea lights in any ambiance especially on the floor with the kids around. It is best to use the LED Candles which do not get heated up and do not impose any threat when used around kids. They are now made in realistic shapes and sizes to mimic the effect of real candles. The flickering flame is also replicated so well that you would not be able to differentiate between real and fake candles from a distance.


Party Glowz Best Sellers - Best Flameless Candles


6 Best Traits Of Flameless Candles And Tea Lights

Bright LED Light

The candles show a flame like light using LED lights which are bright and run as per the battery life of the candles. They can be turned on with the press of a button and do not need any special candles holders to stay in place. These flickering Light Up Candles can be used as a centerpiece on tables as they do not cause any fire hazard and can even be used on the shelves and pavements with string lights.

Battery Operated

Most of the flickering flameless candles are battery operated and AA batteries or AAA batteries are used to keep them powered. Some flameless candles set which are battery powered even come with timer function. These Battery Operated Candles are versatile and realistic looking with a warm white moving flame.

Realistic But Flameless

Tea Lights Candles, taper candles, candlesticks are a real thing and come with adjustable brightness levels. The flame effect can be controlled using a remote control in some cases and you do not have to worry about the dripping wax. The open flame can be left near kids as the candles do not heat up and are safe to use.


LED flame candles and flameless pillar candles make for the most affordable home decor. LED tea lights and Flameless Candles Bulk purchase can be made to get the best possible price for these rechargeable or battery operated candles. There is no paraffin wax and yet they give a candle look with warm glow.


Unlike real candles these flameless taper candles and glass flameless candles can be used even near water. The flameless LED candles are waterproof and come in varying heights and designs but look similar to the traditional candles. The LED Pillar Candles can be used in a living room as they do not have real flames. You will have the best overall experience using these hour timer Waterproof Candles.

Multiple Colors & Designs

All the designs of LED Candles Light like tea lights, taper, pillar, 3D flame and more come in multiple color options. These are unscented and do not leave any flumes in the environment so are safe to be used by one and all. These dancing flames look amazing and can be used for various occasions and purposes.

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  • Feb 24, 2023
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